1 MIN READChinese Buyers Consider Return to International Property Markets

Inquiries are hard to turn into sales, however, when there is still so much uncertainty about how bad the economic fallout could be. What is more, much of the world is still bound by restrictions on travel and movement. “In large part, Chinese consumer activity is coming back. But buyers can’t yet travel to sign contracts, do in-person inspections or take possession of homes,” says Kashif Ansari, Juwai IQI’s group executive director.

Kashif Ansari, Juwai IQI’s group executive director

“The Chinese culture of buying and investing overseas is very strong, but now is a time to reassess their criteria,” says Sodichan’s Yong. The traditional priorities – countries or cities with good universities, proximity to family and economic stability – may now make way for new ones.

“Issues such as the availability of healthcare, how inclusive the country is to migrants with residency visas, and how the [country’s] government is reacting to the pandemic may all become part of how and where Chinese buyers choose to invest,” she says.

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