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In the age of the internet every successful business needs to have a website to better build their brand and interact with their audience. A company website may have simply been an add-on before but now it is an absolute necessity. The real estate industry is no different, every major real estate agency has its own website that any user can go and visit to find out more about the company and what they have to offer. However even among these, some websites stand out above the rest. Here we will show you the 6 best real estate websites you can find on the World Wide Web.


1. iProperty

Owned by the REA Group Limited, the iProperty Group own and operate digital real estate sites across South East Asia which includes, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. They are headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The iProperty website is popular, modern, user friendly and provides comprehensive information on their properties and real estate in general.


2. Trulia

Trulia is an online and mobile real estate website that aims at making property buying and selling more enjoyable for buyers, sellers, and renters. The Trulia website is designed to make it easy for visitors to choose a property at a glance as well as providing detailed information about real estate. They are a subsidiary of the Zillow group.


3. Realtor.com

Part of the Move, Inc. network, Realtor.com acts as a primary source of properties for sale. Their objective is to be a reliable resource for home buyers and sellers and they help people move smoothly through the home marketing process. Their website is informative and provides visitors with many property related options.



Founded in January 1973, RE/MAX has become one of the most well known real estate companies in the world. Like all major brands, RE/MAX has its own website which allows visitors to learn more about available properties and real estate in general. Neat and to the point, their website reflects their sense of professionalism and knowledge.


5. Knight Frank

Knight Frank is a real estate agency that was founded in 1896 by John Knight, Howard Frank and William Rutley. They are headquartered in London and have 411 offices in 59 different countries. Knight Frank provides a simple and modern website which provides access to detailed information about real estate, different properties that they have available and attractive graphics which give the website a pleasing aesthetic.


6. IQI Global

As the name suggests, IQI Global is an international real estate agency that offers a range of services including investment advisory, development marketing and advisory, property management and interior design and fitting. Their website is clear, consumer friendly and modern, and they provide in-depth information about real estate, the market outlook as well as advice on real estate investment. They also provide detailed information about the assets they have available.

Creating a website is no mean feat; it takes dedication and hard work to create one that not only looks good but functions well, provides a great user experience and makes consumers keep coming back for more. When you choose a real estate agency, check out their website; it will give you an idea on how efficient, organised, innovative and hardworking the company itself is.

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