How IQI Canada realtors achieve a sense of success in themselves

How IQI Canada realtors achieve a sense of success in themselves

We had the pleasure of interviewing Bob Zou, VP of Operations [IQI Canada], as he talked about his journey with the brokerage for the last 12 years.

As realtors, we all love the taste of success – how finalizing a deal with a satisfied client or ending a training session without peers made us feel on top of Mount Everest and feel the adrenaline rush.

Anyone within the real estate business understands the sheer effort and hard work it must have taken to achieve a sense of success in themselves – be it professional or personal.

1. Could you tell the audience who you are and how your journey with IQI has been so far?

“Hi, my name is Bob Zou; I am the VP of Operations for IQI Canada. Before my career in real estate, I was once an Electrical Engineer for 8 years.

While I was blessed in the engineering industry with stability and structure in the past, I could not picture another 10 years of being an engineer still sitting in my office corner.

I was looking for a challenge and found it in the real estate world – and I have never looked back.

I have worked in the real estate business for almost 12 years, believe that self-improving is vital for realtors, and I always find time to improve my team despite my busy schedule.”


2. What will be your advice for someone who wants to start a career in real estate? 

“As a realtor in an age of rising technology, we need to continue improving ourselves, to ensure that they are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge to help them secure success in their business with ease.

Without such a platform, new realtors will find it challenging to improve their skills and are faced with limited sources to catch up with the latest real estate tips and knowledge.

The future of real estate can be uncertain, but if you do not see the tech trends, you will be left behind – but never with IQI, whose reliance on technology has elevated the platform for all of us.

Once I joined IQI, I managed to keep up with all the training sessions provided by the agency, such as the live sessions uploaded to their social media pages, which were available to be watched on other days.

Through them, I have not missed meeting clients, generating leads, and branching out my real estate business.”


3. Choosing the right brokerage is not easy; what would your advice be for those seeking a brokerage? What are your plans for the rest of 2023?

“We can rely on the company’s resources and find other ways to improve – that genuinely benefit everyone in the industry and help everyone maintain sales performances, discover new things and focus on the team’s growth.

But remember, the concept of failure is always good for you.

By embracing it, you move past the negatives and the disappointments and change your mindset from ‘failure is bad’ to ‘failure can be good.’ If you don’t embrace it healthily, you’ll get stuck and won’t allow yourself to accomplish what you can.

For 2023, we have been working hard for a year, building on the framework for IQI Canada. 

We have been creating more content for our realtors – present and future ones, focusing on what stage our realtors need. 2023 will be the year everyone knows who is IQI Canada and the warriors within.”

Seeking the guidance of a recognized realtor in Canada’s real estate industry? Chat with us, and we will connect our realtors with you!

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