4 Key Perks Realtors Get In IQI Canada

A realtor is expected of one thing, and one thing only – to sell houses. If you’re reading this, we assume you’ve already understood this assignment.

To achieve this important mission, IQI Canada provides its realtors with various unique benefits and tools that can better assist them with their work so they can focus on making money and living out their passion! 

Get to know the exclusive advantages of working as a realtor for IQI Canada! A branch from the renowned real estate technology group! 


Who is IQI Canada?

IQI Canada is an overseas branch office of IQI Global, the international real estate technology group that powers property transactions and ownership locally and globally.

Let’s have a look at all the key perks that you can get as a realtor at IQI Canada! 


  1. Verified Leads 

  2. Flexible Income 

  3. Partnerships and Commissions (Co-Broke) 

  4. Early Access to Pre-Construction Projects 


1. Verified Leads

iqi canada

IQI Canada realtors get the benefit of receiving verified leads. Verified leads are leads who have been filtered out against raw leads. They are leads who are genuinely interested in finding out more about your services. 

Why are verified leads a big deal? Often, realtors are only given raw leads, which means they have to go through the hassle of calling up these leads and filtering them out themselves. IQI Canada hands its realtors verified leads directly so they can focus on offering their services immediately. 

How do we ensure that the leads are verified? It’s pretty simple, actually: 

  1. Firstly, we will receive the raw (unverified) leads through our numerous marketing collaterals and resources such as blogs, paid ads and other forms of content. 
  2. The Digital team will then verify the raw leads by cold calling, filtering out those who are genuinely interested. 
  3. The verified leads are then handed to realtors for further action. 


2. Flexible Income

iqi canadaWorking as an agent also gives way to flexible income. An IQI agent’s income is dependent on two factors; how many transactions they make and how many commissions they bring in.

Usually, a realtor mainly makes money through commissions, which is rated as a percentage of the property they successfully sell or a flat fee. How much you work and how many successful transactions you make largely influence your earnings, so always put in 100%!  

Another perk of being in IQI Canada is that we have ZERO desk fee. Yes you read that right, ZERO! Meaning there’s no hidden charges or surprise payments that will catch you unawares. 


3. Forming Partnerships and Splitting Commissions

realtorYou can even work together with a fellow agent to co-broke and split your commissions. To be more precise, you can partner with another qualified agent to sell a property together. In most cases, co-broking means striking a deal with your partner to split commissions made from a successful transaction.

However, for a co-broke partnership to work, it must be built upon trust and mutual respect. Realtors who can put aside their differences and work together to achieve sales may develop long-lasting and beneficial relationships with one another as a result. 


4. Pre-Construction Early Access for Realtors

realtorReal estate agencies with their developers may be given early access to pre-construction projects. IQI is one of those agencies. 

In these circumstances, realtors attached to IQI Canada can survey and study these projects and properties, so they are more prepared and aware of its strengths and unique selling points to drive significant persuasion among potential buyers. 

These four benefits are precisely what makes IQI Canada a tremendous real estate agency. Although the profession of selling houses can be stressful, it can also be filled with abundant opportunities and can be financially rewarding.


IQI is a real estate agency that can help you grow, empower yourself and your life so that you can reach your full potential. Fill in the form below and kick-start your pathway to greatness right here, right now! 

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