5 Do’s and Don’ts of a Real Estate Negotiator (REN) [Infographic]

Are you an aspiring real estate negotiator? Or perhaps one who just got started? You might be scrambling trying to figure out a system for a more optimal workflow. We’re here to help make the start of your journey a little easier by compiling this simple infographic article for your guide and reference, let’s jump in to the do’s and don’ts of a real estate negotiator. 


Do’s of Being a Real Estate Negotiator

As a real estate negotiator, there are many skills and techniques that you can make do of to increase your standing as a REN. Like these soft skills every real estate agent should have. 

However, by incorporating these five do’s into your everyday life can help to secure lasting client relationships build upon trust and value.


1. DO: Be Transparent

Being honest in dealing with clients is the first step towards building a trustworthy negotiator and client relationship. Aspects like mortgage rates, loans, and monthly repayments should be clear and transparent before clients purchase or rent any house.


2. DO: Be Informed

RENs should be well-prepared and informed about all their projects and listings before talking about it with clients. This is to ensure that clients get the most accurate information possible. 


3. DO: Be Helpful

During the house-buying process, real estate negotiators can expect a lot of complications arising from the process. Always be prepared to lend a helping hand! 


4. DO: Be Tech-Savvy

Being technologically savvy in this day and age allows one to navigate online platforms easily and suave. Not to mention, they are also incredibly convenient and helpful to a real estate negotiator. It would be worth your time to pick up on valuable property or listing management tools, like our own super-app, Atlas.


5. DO: Be Pleasant

Being nice to your clients and to the people around you doesn’t take anything away from you. In fact, it actually helps you relate more to your clients. Remember to flash them a genuine smile! 


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Don’ts of Being a Real Estate Negotiator

Next, we’ll show the don’ts of being a real estate negotiator. These bad practices could signify bad character traits, let’s see what they are. 


1. DON’T: Not Market Yourself!

In this age, social media is used for a lot of things. More importantly, it can also act as a portfolio for your job as well. Real Estate Negotiators can use social media for marketing themselves by posting videos, articles or short guides. The possibilities are limitless!


2. DON’T: Assume

Whenever you liaise with clients, you need to ensure that they receive your whole pitch from A to Z. Unless the clients themselves ask for the simplified version, you are expected to guide them like they are first-time property buyers. 


3. DON’T: Be Dishonest

Don’t lie to your clients about anything regarding to the property or listing that you manage. Be honest upfront and personify a charismatic and trustworthy REN. 


4. DON’T: Disparage other RENs

Refrain from backbiting or belittling your fellow team members and comrade-in-arms. Be supportive of each other and grow together. 


5. DON’T: Be Afraid to Ask Questions!

Still new to this? NO PROBLEM! Ask ask ask and ask! Always ask questions to senior negotiators or the agency for anything that you might be pondering on. They’re always open to help you learn. 


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