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When you hear the words real estate agent, what image pops into your mind? Is it someone working day in and day out? Is it someone really successful? Is it someone who tends to wear a dapper suit?

We decided to find out for ourselves what exactly makes a successful real estate agent, by talking to people who have been through the real process of becoming an agent while establishing their real estate careers. We asked a number of questions to understand better what one needs to do to start a successful career in real estate.

In this interview, we talked to Mandy.

Mandy has been in the real estate industry since 2011 and has worked with a few agencies as well as developers before joining IQI. She has acquired vast experience from the banking & finance industry, sales & marketing, as well as being an entrepreneur. Her first job after graduation was with a bank. Subsequently, she moved to Singapore and pursued her career in financial planning for a few years. She also ventured into fashion retailing and operated a few branches in Klang Valley. She joined real estate when she discovered that property investment tends to reap more returns than most other types of investment.

Here’s what she had to say.

1. Hey there Mandy, good day! Could you please introduce yourself for our audience and tell us something about yourself?

Hey, my name is Mandy, and I am the Head of International Sales in IQI Realty in Malaysia. I have more than 6 years of international marketing exposure, particularly in Australia, followed by the UK, New Zealand, Thailand, and the Philippines.

IQI is a global real estate company with many offices around the world including Dubai, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia. It provides a good platform that helped expand my exposure to the international real estate market. I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity to train and be trained, to share my experience and share my knowledge with other agents. It is something beyond my wildest dreams…lol.

2.  What do you need to become a global agent? Education, training or both?

As a global agent, you are marketing to high net worth investors and your knowledge is vital to seal the deal. By attending the education and training seminars provided by IQI, you will be equipped to sell globally.  Your coaches are made up of entrepreneurs, professionals as well as developers. In other words, you need to acquire market knowledge and information via media and research. This way you are able to understand foreign investment policies, investment compliances and the financing options available in the respective countries. I believe continuous learning is the key to grow and succeed in this field.

3. Would you please tell us more about how you got involved in international sales instead of just sticking to your local country like most other agents?

While being an ordinary agent, competing with local sub sales and projects, I was introduced to international project marketing. It was pretty tough, and luckily, there were a few mentors who supported and guided me along the journey. One of them invited me to an Australian property study tour which changed my perception of international sales. I bought my 1st Australian property knowing that my investment will be profitable. From then onwards I started to organise similar study tours and successfully helped many investors acquire property in Australia.

4. Is it easy to become successful in the real estate arena? What kind of challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

It is a challenge selling international property to local investors. It took me quite a while to see the remuneration and rewards. There will be a lot of follow-ups, hard work, long days and nights to even get a sale. Sometimes investors are misguided or misled by non-qualified or over promising agents. Since some investors have no clue about investing overseas, we have to educate and advise them accordingly. You can’t convince your clients to invest in overseas property if you don’t do it yourself. I always advise my clients about the investment potential growth in terms of rental yield and capital appreciation. You are here to educate investors to diversify their investment portfolio – don’t put all your eggs in one basket, spread your investment risks. Most importantly, it’s all about hedging against the currency.

5. Before you became one yourself, what was your impression of the real estate profession?

My impression – flexible hours with attractive rewards and easy money….lol

But I realized that it’s a totally different world after I put my foot in. A lot of hard work, negotiating and convincing skills, self-discipline, and motivation is required!! Not forgetting the time, effort and money you invested!!

6. How do your team and IQI ensure the quality of service?

Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. At IQI, we value uncompromising professionalism and honesty, believe in utilizing international best practices and combine global insights and industry practices to create wealth for our investors. We ensure our clients and agents’ interest are protected. Our International sales team are constantly upgrading themselves with market updates and knowledge and assisting our clients to expand their investment portfolio. We provide a one-stop solution platform so that our clients will enjoy a hassle-free investing experience in the international market.

7. Finally, what is your message to those who are thinking of pursuing a career as a global real estate agent/negotiator?

Be consistent and persistent. Your mindset must be positive and you must be hungry to learn more. Most agents are not willing to step out from their comfort zone and venture into the international market due to lack of confidence and knowledge. Believe in yourself and work with passion, every international market has its potential. Don’t underestimate your investors, because they are holding the money. Utilise your database to the fullest!

Last but not least, invest in yourself before you get others to invest in you. Seeing is believing – visit the country and familiarize yourself with the locations; talk to the locals and professionals to understand the local culture as well as the value of the market…of course, have the food and do some sightseeing too ~ work hard, play hard and enjoy life!

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