Apa Jadi: If I Want to Staycation? Where Do I Stay?

Hi, Belle from IQI here – here to answer your property questions and give you the best ‘what if’ scenarios in real estate. 

April signals the first month of the second quarter, as well as the reopening of borders here in Malaysia. After two years of pause, now is the perfect time to scratch that holiday itch that you’ve been experiencing. One of the first things that you should do in this moment is to plan your staycation! There are many fun and exciting things to do amid the lessening of the restrictions, but planning a staycation is definitely one of them! 

With that being said, where exactly should you stay during this staycation? To do this, you must figure out the type of property or activity you want to do throughout your staycation. There are a list of things that you can do with a staycation, such as opting for a stay at a hotel with a luxurious swimming pool.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a place in the heart of the city, such as Kuala Lumpur – there are numerous condos and serviced apartments guests can enjoy.



Condominiums are mostly registered as a private residential area, with different units owned by different individuals. In addition to that, condominiums present a lot of non-exclusive amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds and even gyms.

They give a lot of legroom for you to explore facilities that you otherwise may not have in your own home. (Assuming you own a standard landed home) and is a good place to go back to and unwind after a long day from exploring and sightseeing.

Belle approves of condos!


Serviced Apartments


Serviced Apartments are not solely residential, because they’re all built on commercial land. In contrast to condominiums, serviced apartments are more built like hotels. They offer a diverse range of shop lots on their ground floors, with an array of store amenities to boot.

Although Serviced Apartments generally have less lifestyle facilities, their convenience of finding storefronts make up for it. Easier for you to grab a bite or a snack while you’re on your staycation!



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You can also go the outdoors when you’re opting to staycation. When you go the outdoors, you are more than likely to traverse an array of outdoor activities such as jungle trekking, fishing, animal watching and so on.

Camping allows you to be part of the outdoors with activities that make you experience the vast wilderness. If you’re feeling tired of all the restrictions you had to endure during mco, why not release all that energy in the outdoors?

Sitting around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and telling each other ghost stories sounds like a pretty fun weekend to us.



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Glamping is another, luxurious form of camping. In a nutshell, glamping is just camping but with added flair. What is that flair exactly? Well I’m glad you asked – because glamping is more than just another form of camping, it’s a modern-day expression of where nature meets luxury. A way to experience the outer parts of the world without sacrificing the comfort.

Belle suggest glamping if you’re trying to opt for something new in your staycation, instead of the usual condos or serviced apartments!




How can we make a staycation property list without ruling in hotels, right? They’re the backbone of vacations, after all – equipped with top tier amenities that make you feel like royalty. With their many familiar comforts such as swimming pools, grand breakfast and dinner buffets as well as beautiful, aesthetic regal architecture and added security for optimal comfort.


Whether you’re looking to staycation short term or long term, IQI has a lot of professionals who can help you obtain the property of your dreams. Consult us today! 

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