ALERT: PSA for all IQI Clients and The General Public!

ALERT: PSA for all IQI Clients and The General Public!

Recently, it has come to our attention that various entities claim to be attached to IQI Realty Sdn Bhd through fake websites and social media accounts! For the purpose of clarity, do note that our official website is

We would like to inform the general public to be vigilant to avoid falling prey to such entities and their fraudulent activities.

These unscrupulous persons have resorted to illegal means by using the company’s name, trademarks and logo over the lookalike website/domain/company name to dupe innocent people while tarnishing the image of the Company.

We have reported on such entities before, as seen below: 

  1. ALERT: IQI Does Not Operate “IQI Credit Johor Branch” 
  2. ALERT: IQI Does Not Operate “IQI List” 
  3. ALERT: IQI DOES NOT operate “ 
  4. ALERT: IQI Does NOT Operate “IQI Financial Sdn Bhd”
  5. ALERT: IQI Does Not Operate “IQIREALTY.LTD”

As you can see, it has happened several times before – which is why we are stressing the importance of this notice. You can see the list of our existing social media assets through the list below. We seek your assistance in ensuring that the Company’s good name is not tainted. Thank you!

If you need further clarification, don’t hesitate to contact us at to assess an account’s or website’s eligibility. 


List of IQI Global’s Official Social Media Accounts

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