Everything You Need to Know About Job Offers: Besides The Salary

Things You Need To Consider When Accepting Job Offers: Besides The Salary

Suppose you’ve managed to get that one email attached with a black and white print of a job offer – congratulations! You’ve managed to get past the most challenging part of job hunting. That being said, job offers need to be of value to you before you consider accepting them. And we’re not just talking about the pay.

Let’s say you’ve examined the fine details of the contract – and you’re thinking to yourself, how do I ensure that this is the IDEAL job offer for me?

A good rule of thumb is to take these factors into account when considering your job offer!


  1. Benefits

  2. Career Growth

  3. Location

  4. Company Culture

  5. Company Stability


1. Benefits

job offersMonetary compensation is fantastic, but nothing beats a company with great benefits. Companies that give their employees full and comprehensive benefits are sure to have dedicated and happy employees. Company benefits can range from a lot, from health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, paid vacation time, and many more.

When finalising a job offer – it may be more financially rewarding to opt for the more comprehensive benefits package. If you can have more than just your salary – it’s a good idea to take note of the job offer benefits package!


2. Career Growth

job offerWhen you work – you must seek growth, not just stationary. In that sense, you must ensure that you grow in the company that you choose.

Career growth is only achieved through building and refining your workplace skillsets, defined by the different set of responsibilities that you are challenged with throughout your career life. If the role on the job offer doesn’t do anything for your career growth – it may be worth re-evaluating the job offer.


3. Location

a jobWhere you work affects your career as well. Some people prefer going to the office full time to collaborate with their colleagues on a full face-to-face physical scale, while others prefer hybrid working or fully-remote settings.

Work preferences may differ from person to person, but everyone would agree that commuting affects their work productivity.


4. Company Culture

job offersA defined company culture attracts talents more conclusively and captivates them to stay longer. As a company, it’s essential to retain a company culture that puts employees first.

Company culture is strongly related to company values – and the values that you instil will act as the foundation for the people in that company.

As a potential employee, do your research and look up the company you’re applying to – make sure that it fits what you’re looking for!


5. Company Stability

the company

Company stability is one-factor people tend to miss when looking for job offers. Ensuring that you join a company that can sustain itself will provide job security for yourself.

Company stability may seem to be not so important when you’re just starting – but eventually, you need to ask yourself whether or not you see the career is somewhere you can be for a long time.



job offersIf you want to decide on your job offer more thoroughly, you can consider all these factors beforehand. As tempting as it is to accept a job offer as soon as you receive it, it’s important to choose job offers that fit YOU!


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