Top 5 Villas & Water Villas In Asia For Your Upcoming Vacation!

A Look into Villas and Water Villas — Tranquil Vistas of Pure Bliss

When we think of Villas and water villas, what comes to our minds? Is it a place of rest and relaxation? Could it even be somewhere you go just to take in the aesthetics? Whatever your reason is, there’s no denying that they are visually striking especially set against the backdrop of beautifully elevated environments. 

Let’s look into a few of a few great villas scattered among Southeast Asia.


1. Thailand

For the price range of 5 to 55 million Thai Baht, equivalent to RM 635,000 to RM 7 million, Thailand villas mostly have a sea, hilltops and gardens view. Surrounded by a lush green environment and nearing the beach, some villas in Thailand are even atop hills instead of above waters. 

Even the latest development at Samui Mae Nam, Samui Residential with over 20 units of villas, it has a large seaview unit with 4 rooms, ranging in size from 3100 square feet [288 square meters onwards] with a conventional car park set up. 

2. Indonesia

In Indonesia, the highest price for a beachside villa is 8,200,000 IDR, located at Ubud, Indonesia, equivalent to RM2.4 million, only 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 1 carpark, that is sized roughly 6000 square feet. [534 square meters].


3. Philippines

villasAs for the Philippines, the highest price of villa at 155,000,000 Philippines Pesos, equivalent to RM12 mil.

The typical beachfront villa only has 3 bedrooms, even though the land size is around 538,000 square feet, yet it is surrounded by trees, stand alone, and aren’t designed residentially. 


Have You Heard of Water Villas?

villasWater Villas can be described as buildings supported by stilts constructed right on top of the water.

Modern-day water villas offer all the amenities that a regular luxury villa or hotel room provides and tops it off with excellent suave. Generally, a water villa and water bungalow is classified as the same thing — a room over the water.

It is advisable to understand the room descriptions for the particular island. In some cases water rooms have steps leading to the sea, but the room is not over the water. 


Hotspots for Water Villa Investment

The thought of an overwater bungalow conjures the image of an ultra-luxurious tropical paradise, such as the likes of LUX* North Malé Atoll at Maldives, St. Regis Bora Bora Resort at Bora Bora, and the Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Resort at Vietnam.

Besides Maldives or South Pacific as popular destination for over water bungalows, Malaysia of Southeast Asia could be a worth contender in the set up of water villas. 


1. Malaysia

water villasMalaysia consists of 878 islands, surrounded by glistening jewel-like waters, dazzling white sandy beaches, offers epic getaways for all types of travellers. This wonderful country now has the third most overwater bungalows in the world.

Malaysia offers this kind of haven – sitting over the water in a private resort with glass bottom floors watching marine life darting around beneath you. However, all water villas available are holiday resorts, the ideal getaway: stunning national parks and beaches, aquatic life, delicious cuisine, rich history, and vibrant culture.

The Light Collection IV water villa in Penang, Malaysia, offers the exclusive residential water villa with a private berth that allows yacht lovers to park their yacht right in front of the villa unit. It is also the only water villa that offers an open sea view of the glorious Penang Straits.

Perched on stilts above waters with panoramic views of Penang’s legendary harbour, the water villas are among the most highly desired residences in the entire THE LIGHT COLLECTION at The Light City. A stunning showpiece of 19 villas on water, so brilliantly conceived and beautifully set with waterfront allure, living in one is like owning the crown jewel.

With a build-up of 7018 square feet and above, priced at a base price of RM14 mil and above, a private garage with four car parks and private berth for yachts, this water villa is a gem among the freehold gated and guarded seafront luxury residences in Penang, and in fact in Malaysia too.


This article was written by Cindy Teh.


Looking to get into your next BIG property investment? We’re thinking villas and water villas! Contact us and we’ll get you to the right place! 

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