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Singapore  – nicknamed the ‘Lion City’ with the Merlions standing tall and just, Singapore is the ideal start for anyone looking for new housing to begin a new adventure. 

But before you start packing, maybe have a look at a guide on the housing types available in Lion City and find the perfect home for you.

Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are were build for the needs of elderly residents with modest means who aim to live independently.  These buildings are available in 2 sizes, 36 & 45 sqm – designed comfortably accommodate for one or two people.

The apartments have many elderly-friendly features such as;

  • specialized non-slip tiles
  • support bars in the bathroom
  • multiply pull-for-help cords


Room Flats

The two-room flat is tailored for smaller and less wealthy households. These housings are around 45 sqm including a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, bathroom and storeroom. 

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Generation Flats

These type of housing are targetted especially for Singaporeans. With the introduction of generation flats,  it is tailored to multi-generational families. Compared to the 5–room flat it is more spacious with a 115 square, making way for an additional bedroom and bathroom.


Executive Flats

This monumental housing has an estimated 130 sqm of floor area. The highlights include extra space, ideal for a study room or another television corner. Additionally, some of these flats come with a balcony.


Design, Build and Sell Scheme Flats

The Design, Build and Sell Scheme flats came to play in 2005 – with a total of 13 DBSS sites were launched in the year 2011. 

The DBSS falls somewhere in between the larger flats and an executive condo. This flat caters to the segment of society that is wealthy enough to buy or rent the finer flats, yet for residents new to the country and culture, you are not ready to make the jump into the private market space.

Have we convinced you to move into the housing of your choice in Singapore? What about the joys of investing in Singapore?

If you are, please do drop us a contact and receive a free consultation from one of our esteemed property agents.

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