6 MIN READ8 of the best Christmas gifts you can get for your loved ones (2020)

Celebrating Christmas for 2020 started with planning on traveling the world, preparing dinners with family and friends, looking through the list for Christmas gifts and visiting the famous Christmas Tree in KLCC…

…to planning a staycation in KL and watching a Christmas movie marathon on TV3.

Yet finding the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones will always be the same routine, the question is what to get to celebrate a holiday with mixed emotions?

The Christmas gifts to survive #WFH

Since February, the #workingfromhome has been used from every platform – from too many Instagram stories on cats ruining paperwork to Tiktok trends of the Dalgoda coffee remade in so many creative ways.

Despite the emergence of a vaccine, there is no guarantee when we will re-enter office life. So how about a nice gift to cheer themselves up.


1.Noise Cancellation Headphones

Working from home, we are faced with many distractions, especially for parents or those staying with family. Why not gift them a pair of noise-cancelling headphones? An ideal gift to help tune out the many distractions and unnecessary noise. They will get a chance to listen to their favourite podcasts or show-stopping tunes to help them get the work done and survive another day #workingfromhome.

Headphones anyone?


2. Home Office Chair 

Working in the comfort of home sounds great! Unfortunately, not many have the luxury of having a home office, so either the living room or even the bedroom becomes their office for the next few months.

It’s probably time to return your ‘office’ chair to the dining area and get a great ergonomic office chair for your work at home friend to work comfortably from.

When sitting at a desk for long periods, having a good posture can alleviate back pain. Plus wouldn’t you want to look like a boss when working from your home in a stylish office chair?

Face the pandemic 2021 with glammed up Christmas gifts!

Yes, we are STILL in a pandemic until further notice, so face mask up, hand sanitizers on the ready and everyone keep a distance of one meter apart from each other. By now, face masks are a part of your wardrobe for 2021— started with the disposable ones, you now can accessorize with a reusable mask that goes seamlessly with your tastes and lifestyle.


3. Reusable Face Mask

This season may be duller than the last, but fancy face masks can bring a sense of cheer to Christmas or anything else you’re celebrating this month. If you can’t celebrate the season the way you usually would, the least you can do is add some spice to your outfits—and really, what better way than with a cheeky mask?

Go wild with showing your support for MU or Chelsea or a more minimalist approach, such as a flowery pattern.

Facemask = Christmas gifts?

4. Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizer bottles are becoming a norm in entrances, desks, cars, and even parks! In these uncertain times, the gift of wellness is both thoughtful and caring.

You don’t need to buy a bottle where you can use it for months to come, as the pandemic has inspired a new generation of products with the right amount of germ-busting, disinfecting alcohol in them but that also with a variety of smells, leaving hands moisturized and refillable. 

For safe and clean Christmas gifts

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Under a budget for Christmas gifts? No problem!

As the holiday approaches, you will already have a long list of Christmas gifts to buy to brighten their day. And while spending money on loved ones is a way to express your love, you know very well that the people in your life don’t want you to stretch yourself too thin, especially during uncertainty on your wallet.

But we have good news! We have a few Christmas gifts that are creative, thoughtful, and yes, still within your budget.


5. Metal Straw

“Save the turtles!”

Ever since the viral turtle video was circulated, metal straws have begun popping everywhere – from being sold in fashion stores such as Forever 21 to becoming a gift with every purchase of a bag of nuggets.

Get a pocket-sized straw – either it can expand to a normal drinking size or just perfect as itself. Armed with a metal straw, they can stay plastic-free while sipping on smoothies, iced coffee, or bubble tea.

Buy one which comes with a protective case, available in bold and neutral colours to match your daily outfits. 

6. Cell Phone Stand

Who would have ever thought a simple metal stand could be a Christmas gift for 2020?

Now that is an innovation for all generations – from Baby Boomers, millennials and Gen Zs. Not only does this simple, sleek stand keep their texts, videos, and other apps in clear view, but it frees up valuable desk space.

Say no more to tangled cords and wires to disturb you along the way. If you have a person who enjoys watching videos on their phone during a meal, this would be the perfect gift – under that budget and practical!


Food for thought? No! Coffee and tea, please.

Everyone can either enjoy a cup of tea or a Starbucks of their favourite drink – but instead of buying a cup on the daily could put a serious dent in your wallet, why not become an at-home barista as their ideal Christmas gifts?


7. Gooseneck kettle for tea lovers

Kettles are a traditional tea drink, but have you ever heard of a gooseneck spout kettle? 

You might have seen them in artisan coffee shops because they offer precise and measured pouring, maximizing the flavour in a cup of tea.

Choose from a stovetop or electric models where such variety leads to a range in prices – so there are options for a low budget to high-end.

8. A monthly coffee subscription. 

Know a person who needs coffee first thing in the morning. Instead of risking yourself along the way, we have a better solution – let them be their own barista and make artisanal coffee at home.

We can relate. Although most cafes are still doing takeaway, it’s just not the same as getting your coffee to wake you up before yet another Zoom call with your team or even bosses. 

Find the perfect subscription-based coffee based on their palate and sign up for their Christmas gifts! As January arrives, let them enjoy their favourite coffee – be it iced, blended or hot. 

We hoped this guide would help you in your shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts.

Remember, stay safe and have fun!

Christmas gifts anyone?

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