6 MIN READTop 8 lead conversion tips for a successful property negotiator

Why the need for lead conversion? Simple, it is your real estate business’s greatest weapon to thrive in 2021.

Generating leads for your business can yield great results, but it will only become a success if you manage to turn potential buyers into actual customers.

Stay ahead by turning your customers into buyers in just 8 steps!

1. Research your audience. Who are they?

Knowledge is the key to everything! With such knowledge, you can figure out the best methods to reach out to your clients/customers, and they wish to engage with your content or campaign.

There will be situations where your leads may feel unfamiliar with your concept and reject you initially. 

The solution? Please take a minute to research your target market and get to know them thoroughly. When you have the appropriate and complete data in hand, create content or a campaign to entice them to provide you with their details.

Just remember this simple saying;

“Nobody has ever succeeded in business, selling something that people don’t want. They are always something for someone out there.” 


2. Optimize your web experience.

As we are living in a digitized world, many would pick up their latest smartphones and open Google to find what they are looking for, with questions such as:

  • “What do you want from Grab for dinner tonight?”
  • “I need to book a train to Ipoh for my doctor’s appointment.”
  • “This store looks neat. Let’s check out the website and Instagram to be sure.”

So think like them and pay attention to your website’s business – such as SEO, keywords and calls to action are leading towards the right direction. If you know your most effective keywords, your Google Analytics score will be performing well.

Furthermore, look into your website’s bounce rate, session duration, and the average number of pages visited. The longer a client/customer is on your website, the more likely they have reasons to purchase your business.


3. Make use of your calls to action, aka CTAs.

There will be moments where you need a simple nudge in the right direction. Having an effective call to action in your marketing efforts will encourage potential clients and customers to decide.

All of us need a picture of direction, be it a Table of Contents in a favourite book or a scroll to guide us to a favourite scene in an action film. Without a call to action, new visitors to your content will leave. Regardless of your targets, interesting and creative calls to action using certain verbs or phrases can lead to a higher conversion rate.

Avoid common phrases such as “Get it now!” “Free download” or “Click now!”. Try not to bore them and spice it with CTAs such as, “Don’t miss out a lifetime offer!”, “You don’t want to be a bystander.” and a favourite among homeowners, “Download for your future family home!”. 


4. Immerse into the power of social media.

Regardless of how amazing is your business’s website, utilize the power of the social media platform. From the old and young, to use either Facebook or Twitter and is Bing still a good search website, all customers will turn to social media to get their news, information, updates and discover what is trending today. 

By creating a social media persona, your business can easily turn leads into customers, and it is important to consider which social networks are the best fit for your brand.

For example, if a property business sells secondary markets in lavish neighbourhoods, using Instagram or Snapchat may be a major conversion driver for you as you showcase the beautiful homes, future wealthy clients can purchase.


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5. Make sure your email marketing stands out.

Never underestimate the power of successful email campaigns. With so many marketers flooding the world of email marketing, it is easy for your work to blend in.

So stand out and avoid blending into the same crowd!

With extra work and attention to detail, the goal of creating attractive campaigns will result in a higher conversion rate, a rise in clicks and awareness of your business. 

Also, never underestimate the influence of email marketing design. We love our colours and aesthetics and never look away at a pretty picture. Imagine standing in the shoes of potential clients and ask yourself, “Will I be interested in clicking on that email?”

Having a polished, well branded, and customer-centric design shows you’re serious, professional, well put together, and that your content is trustworthy.


6. Keep a detailed track of your results.

Always remember the sales funnel to visualizes a potential customer’s path from just learning about your brand to making a purchase. To properly convert your leads into revenue, become familiar with this sales process. 

From A, by recognizing where your prospect is in the buying funnel and to Z, tailoring your interaction with them to reach the conversion

By addressing this area, you can see stronger intent and purchasing signals, which will help you determine the best approach with the prospect without wasting time on people who aren’t yet ready to purchase.


7. Do not be afraid to be flexible.

What works to convert leads for your business may not be what works for others.

If you’re confident going into a lead conversion campaign and it doesn’t generate the results you’re looking for, you must rethink your approach.

You may think you’ve come up with a perfect plan, and suddenly your audience doesn’t respond. You may panic in the beginning, but it doesn’t matter much. Chin up and try something else!

Always test your options and learn from your success and failures – don’t let perfection be the enemy.


8. Always follow up!

At the end of a Friday, pull up your most comfy chair, your trusty laptop, your smartphone and start following up with potential clients!

A simple email or call asking a prospect can often kickstart a sale if they have any questions.

By following, you make your potential prospects feel important. 

If you call your leads for follow-ups, leaving a 10-minute gap between calls often results in people picking up the phone. By calling them twice, they’ll suspect that you’re calling for something important and will answer after the third round. 

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