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When it comes to protecting this world of ours, tuning your lifestyle to be more eco-friendly can make a big difference. Even the way we choose to decorate our house can make an impact on our environment, so we need to choose wisely. Any contribution you make is worth the effort.

That is why in this article we will be showing you 8 eco-friendly home decor ideas that will not only up the ante on how your house looks, it will also go a good way towards saving the environment.


1. Natural collections on display

Take some natural collections like seashells, dried plants, pine cones and acorns, and display them around the house on shelves, tables and on top of small cupboards. They will look good around the house and they are biodegradable, unlike the plastics and manufactured goods which most artificial decorations are made of.


2. Natural fabrics for curtains

Many curtains that are sold nowadays are made of petroleum-based products like nylon and polyester. Petroleum is an unsustainable resource, and the manufacturing process takes a lot of energy, much more than conventional cotton. What’s more, these products aren’t biodegradable. Natural fiber curtains look just as good or even better than polyester or nylon so do the environment a favour and use natural fabrics for curtains instead.


3. A stylish storage

You probably have some bits and bobs around your house, like car keys, coins, pencils, and pens, which you do not want ‘on display’. So how can you store these nick-knacks without investing in a new piece of furniture? Fear not, you can make your own simple storage space. Stash bags, baskets, or bowls can look lovely on a table, sideboard or cabinet, and they can be used in every room in a house. What ’s more, these storage solutions aren’t just functional, they are eco-friendly and stylish as well.


4. Breathe life into old furniture

Instead of buying some new furniture, you can simply re-upholster and rejuvenate your old one. Put some bright new coverings on your sofa, replace your old cushion covers, put a fresh coat of paint on your tables and chairs. That way you breathe new life into your furniture and reduce unnecessary waste.


5. Eco-friendly floors

If you are thinking of getting new flooring, consider installing something eco-friendly like reclaimed wood, cork or even bamboo. Wooden floor finishing can match the style of any house furniture, and they look awesome too.


6. Home-made cleaning

As effective as they are, most store-bought cleaning products aren’t at all eco-friendly. So instead, consider making your own cleaning products with lemon, baking soda, and vinegar. You’d be surprised by just how much you can do with just these three natural products.


7. Recycle old books

If you have some old books that you don’t read anymore, don’t just throw them away. Instead, you can make some creative DIY projects like a stack of books as a lamp base or a book planter. Let your imagination go wild, like nature.


8. Reuse old jars

You will surely have some unused jars lying around your house; don’t just throw them away. You can re-use them in many ways. Either for practical purposes like storing rice, pasta, flour, spices and cereals, or you can go use them more creatively like a lamp or a tiny terrarium.

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