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7 Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom On A Budget

The bathroom is a very important room in a home; some might argue that it is one of the most important rooms. Because it is a room that we use so often, it is subject to wear and tear and also excess moisture, steam and humidity which can make a bathroom start to look worn out more quickly than most other rooms at home. While it may seem like an expensive endeavour to improve a bathroom, there are some simple and affordable ways to accomplish this. In this article we will tell you 7 ways you can upgrade your bathroom on a budget.


1. Install new shower curtains

You should replace your shower curtains regularly; if curtains look faded and have seen better days then it is time to get some new ones. Even without doing anything else, a new shower curtain can make a bathroom liven up. Invest in decent quality shower curtains, they last much longer and look nicer, both of which are plus points, especially if you plan on renting out your property.


2. Frame your mirror

A good frame around your bathroom mirror can do wonders to its aesthetic value; it can make the bathroom appear more posh and chic. Be careful when selecting a frame for your mirror; make sure it is a frame that can withstand the moisture and general humidity.


3. Update your lighting

Lighting is important for any room and outdated or dull bathroom lighting can dampen ones mood very easily. However this can be easily fixed with new lighting fixtures. Try to use natural or simulated natural light whenever possible as this helps brighten your mood; also be sure that the light fixtures are waterproof or have them fixed with a waterproof coating.


4. Retiling the floor and walls

If possible you might consider retiling your bathroom’s floor and walls. It may sound intimidating and somewhat expensive; however it is a wise investment that is worth making. Tiling the floor and walls will make the bathroom look and feel more appealing and it also raises the value of your property as a whole should you wish to rent or sell your property in the future. Good tiles will keep the bathroom sparkling for a long time.


5. Repaint

A good paint job can do wonders for the way any room looks and feels. You can go to your nearest hardware store and ask for advice on paints that are appropriate for the bathroom and get started on repainting your bathroom. Most bathrooms have very little surfaces that need painting so most bathroom painting jobs won’t take more than one or two days and you can even do it yourself, unlike tiling which requires a professional.


6. A professional cleaning

No one likes to walk into a dirty bathroom. Hire a professional to come clean your house and if necessary pay them extra to pay special attention to your bathroom(s). You’ll be surprised how appealing your bathroom will look and feel after a fresh cleaning. Try to have your bathroom cleaned on a regular basis.


7. Update/ Replace your fixtures

An easy and affordable way to update your bathroom is to replace the fixtures. A new shower head and new taps have the power to give a bathroom an attractive visual lift. It is a simple and cost effective method through which you can make your bathroom look new and luxurious.

As we said before, a bathroom is a room that is used most often in a household. Since this is the case, it simply makes sense to make that room aesthetically pleasing, after all you have to use it so much, you should feel comfortable in it and like it as well.

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