4 MIN READ7 security tips to make your home safe and secure

Did you know? The Department of Statistics Malaysia has stated that robbery and house break-ins have increased up to 14,128 and 16,200 cases in 2018! Have you kept up-to-date with your security?

Your home is the safest place on earth for you and you most likely tend to let your guard down by how comfortable you feel.

Now the thought of a stranger with ill-intent being your home might scare you but do not worry, here are some security tips to help you and your loved ones to be safe and secure.

1. Install security cameras

Installing CCTV cameras is a great way to keep your house away from thieves and burglars as they tend to avoid houses with alarm systems. If an individual knows that there are live surveillance cameras in a certain area, they may be less willing to commit a crime near the location for the fear of being caught.

2. Hide all wiring 

The effectiveness of your alarm system also depends on where you place the wirings. It is no use even if you had several best working CCTV cameras if the burglars can detect and cut off your home power supply easily. This is how the professional burglars look for places where they can disconnect the home security system. To avoid this from happening, always hide all the wirings hanging on the exterior of your house.

3. Lock up your windows and doors

Always lock your door whether you’re leaving for work or just going out for a short time. This will only take you less than a minute but will do a lot of good to you by preventing burglars and thieves from entering. We often take this for granted especially when we think we just have to do a quick errand down the neighbourhood. But we can never know how long we will take because delays can always happen.

If you have a house with glass doors and windows, it is always best to install curtains and close them if you are not at home. This is to prevent thieves and burglars from seeing and knowing where your valuables belong. Another tip is to choose a wooden or metal door as it helps to prevent burglars from easily breaking the glass to enter.

4. Install a peephole

Installing a peephole to your house door is an inexpensive idea to add to your home security list. So you can see who is at your door before you open it.

5. Hide your location on social media

Nowadays, we often broadcast our updates and information like places we are currently at – on social media. By doing this, we are inviting the burglars to our home by letting them know we are away. Simply keep a low profile not only for the safety of your home but also for yourself.

6. Change the locks after losing your keys

Keys are the most misplaced everyday object as they are small and can slip out of your pocket or bag easily. The first thing to do if you find yourself in a situation where you are standing in front of your house and can’t seem to find your keys in your bag is to call the locksmith. You should always change your lock whether you have a spare key or not because who knows in whose hands your keys are in now.

7. Place car keys near your bed

Last but not least, placing your car key near your bed when you sleep is a smart and easy way to keep you safe. In case you hear any abnormal sound in your house, you can always press the car alarm panic button. This will scare away the potential thief who tries to break into your house.

Final Word

The cheapest and most effective insurance policy is PRECAUTION.

It is never wrong to be too careful when it comes to keeping your house and your loved ones out of danger.

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