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Done right, property investment can be both lucrative and rewarding, and this can make a huge difference in your life. When you’re making big property investment decisions, the ability to find good real estate development can make or break that decision.

If you find a development that you may want to invest in, it is imperative that you check up on it and make sure you are making the right choice.

Let us show you 6 things you should check when you are searching for good property development.

1. The developer’s reputation

When you’re looking to invest in development, make sure to check the developer’s track record. Are they known to get the job done, or do they tend to delay construction or even abandon a project? The answer could affect your financial future in a big way. The Ministry of Housing and Local Government released an updated list of developers with a less than stellar reputation. You can explore who they are here.


2. A vision for change and sustainability

The best developers are the ones with a vision to enrich their surroundings, such as building sustainable and green projects. They are innovators who aren’t afraid of going the extra mile to make projects that contribute to the environment. Also, a development that is sustainable usually translates to better returns in the long run in terms of appreciation and profitability for future purchasers.


3. Willing to make hard decisions

A big challenge many developers face is the struggle between finishing the development on time and delivering top quality. Delaying construction raises issues, yet a rush job can mean more problems down the line. A good developer is someone who can manage these extremes efficiently. When you find a developer who can maintain this balance, most likely their development is a good choice.

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4. Developer efficiency in a crisis

Even if a developer has a good track record, you should pay attention to how they handle themselves when it comes to complaints that are made against them during construction. While no developer is perfect, a good developer is one who can efficiently handle any crises, complaints, and grievances made against them.


5. Project location

This holds true for any property. The location of a development is one of the most accurate ways you can measure its potential. What facilities are nearby, the easy access to major highways or train services, nearby amenities, nearby hotspots, eateries and more, all play a role in deciding whether a development will do well in the future or not.


6. A measure of their ability

One good way to measure the ability of a developer is through the awards they have won, especially recently. It isn’t an exact science; however, it is a good way to determine if a developer is able to deliver quality developments and can help distinguish trusted and reputable developers from the others. Brand recognition plays a role in discerning a developer’s trustworthiness and competency.

Now that you know what to look out for, you can make an informed decision and find the best developments to invest in.

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