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So, you’ve start the investing journey where there’s no shortage of possible investments available out there. With so many possibilities and so much potential, it can be difficult to make a wise choice. How can you decide which individual investment is worth your money?

Let us help you out with 6 questions you should always ask before you commit to making any investment.


1. What are you investing for?

It is easy to hear other people talk about investment and get caught up in the excitement of it. However, an important question you must ask yourself before committing to investment is “What is my end-goal?” Your investment will differ if for example you are saving money for your future or saving money for further investments. Remember that your goal is personal and even if an investment worked for one person, you need to know whether it will work for you and your goal.


2. What are you willing to risk?

Almost every investment venture holds a certain amount of risk depending upon your investment goals. It is crucial to understand the trade-off between the risk and any potential reward. You must ask yourself how much you are willing to put into an investment based on the potential rewards you may get and whether the gamble is worth it to you.


3. Do you understand the investment?

Many successful investors follow one rule, “always understand your investments.” Be sure that you do your due diligence and research everything you can about the investment you are taking part in. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; if you can’t understand how an investment works then consult a trusted financial professional for help.

Remember, this is the money that you investing, you have every right to know what your money is doing and where it is going.

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4. How does it fit in with your other investments?

You should never make an investment decision in isolation. When you are looking at possible investments, you should consider whether it fits in with your overall plan, how it will look in your investment portfolio and how it works together with your other investments to help you reach your financial goals. Remember, your objective isn’t to pick a good investment, it is to build a portfolio that will work together to achieve your goals.


5. What happens if this investment is a failure?

As sad as it may be, there is a real possibility that the returns of an investment will not be as high as it initially seemed. You should always have a contingency plan in place, in case your investment does not work out the way you thought it would. Be smart in your investing, never invest more than you can afford and always keep some resources aside in case of a financial emergency.


6. Where can you turn for help?

Whether you are researching an investment, learning about new products or checking with a professional, a good source of unbiased information can be a great advantage when making investment decisions, and we can help you with that.

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