3 MIN READTop 6 Must Have Banana Leaf Rice Restaurants in KL

When it comes to food, there is just something distinct about banana leaf rice. What makes this South Indian cuisine so popular is how versatile the recipes can be. From home-cooked to trendy, banana leaf can be prepared in many different ways.

Wash your hands and get your appetite ready, in this article, we will share six of the best Banana Leaf Rice places you can find in Kuala Lumpur.


1. Anzgam Club House

Within walking distance from the Asia Jaya LRT station, this banana leaf is sandwiched between the German School of Kuala Lumpur and Istara Condominium. This homey little space offers banana leaf rice at lunchtime and western cuisine at night. The amazing variety you will get includes 13 types of vegetables, a selection of poppadums, dried chillies, and pickles whenever you order a banana leaf. You also get a choice of mutton and chicken varuval daily; and crab, calamari and prawn on the weekends.


2. Aunty Manju’s

This banana leaf will overwhelm you with their choices. Alongside the five vegetables, you will also get a choice of Chicken, fish, squid, prawn, mutton and crab, all available in different preparations like deep fried, masala, curry and much more. And if that is not enough, they give a plethora of side dishes to choose from. A not to be missed item is their specialty dish, the finger licking marrow curry.


3. Moorthy’s Mathai

Although this banana leaf is just a simple stall, it has achieved the enviable position of being the best Malaysian banana-leaf rice restaurant. Everyone, be they foreigners or residents, has been dining at Moorthy’s for nearly 50 years and remain loyal to its amazing dishes. The food has stark crunch and crispiness to it, and you can taste the freshness with every bite. The fish head curry is a challenge well worth the effort of biting into!


4. Raj’s Banana Leaf

Raj’s Banana Leaf opened in 2016 into the competitive market in Bangsar. However, they have done very well for themselves thanks to two distinct features:

  1. It stays open for 24 hours a day;
  2. They keep their establishment really clean; in fact it is one of the cleanest restaurants out there.

You can get a selection of curry, meat, squid rings, vegetables and more here at very reasonable prices.


5. KL City Restaurant

The name may be lackluster; however the food more than makes up for it. Situated in Lebuh Ampang, this unassuming restaurant offers food prepared in a Chettinad-style with a heavy dose of spices and aromatic herbs, which will definitely make you come back for more. Their homemade biryani is much milder and earthier than most other biryanis and worth a try.


6. Acha Curry House

Touted as the best banana leaf in PJ, this restaurant is so popular that it is almost impossible to get an empty seat at lunchtime. Banana leaves will be placed in front of you as soon as you sit down and they give you healthy selection of vegetables, curry, and meats. You can even choose between two different types of rice.

Everyone has different tastes, and these banana leafs have something for everyone. You will be hard pressed not to find something that you don’t like at any of these places. So sit back, take a bite and enjoy yourself.

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