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6 Insanely Easy And Creative DIY Projects

We all want to be the person with that awesomely decorated house that everyone talks about. However, the costs of decorating a home tend to deter us from moving ahead. It does not have to be that way though. Here, we will show you 6 Easy and insanely creative décor projects that you can do yourself at no great cost.


1. Personal handwritten canvas

Transform a boring wall into a more personal space with a canvas filled with some of your favourite quotes, song lyrics or even recipes. You do not need excellent penmanship for this; you just need to be personal.


2. A Two and a Half D antique table

Put a little pizzazz to your home with this idea. Take a floating shelf, do some clever paintwork and you can create an elegant antique table in two and a half D. It is perfect as a small sidepiece to put at your house entrance.


3. Nail Polish Key Covers

This one is self-explanatory. You can use different coloured nail polish to label your keys and make it easier for yourself to tell your keys apart. And it makes an attractive display as well!


4. Mosaic CD Mirror

This one is fairly simple to make and looks stunning. Just take some old CDs and either break them or cut them up using a pair of scissors. Then glue the pieces around a mirror frame. You can use different types of CDs to create the effect of different colours. This will become a nice talking point as well!


5. Photo on a slab of wood

To make this, you will need:

  • A panel of wood
  • Photocopied Image on Regular Copy Paper
  • Photo transfer gel medium
  • Sponge/towel
  • Clean water

Step 1: Cover the wood panel with gel medium

Step 2: Place your photocopied paper, picture side down

Step 3: Firmly smooth out the paper, making sure there are no bubbles

Step 4: Leave it to dry overnight

Step 5: Gently wet the surface with a wet sponge/towel

Step 6: Gently rub off the wetted paper

Step 7: Clean the paper residue

Step 8: Cover the rubbed on picture with PVC glue

Step 9: Let it dry

Stand back and admire your work!


6. Wine Cork Necklace Rack

With a few wine corks and some ingenuity, you can make a simple and clean way to hang up your necklaces, so you can see them all and select them quickly. And have a cool piece of furniture to boast about as well!

All you need is some wine corks, some paint, a slab of wood and some strong glue.

Remember that at the end of the day, these projects are about having fun, showing your creative side and making your home look stylish. We hope you enjoyed this article and that you have a really fun time while working on these projects!

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