6 Advantages of Working in Real Estate: For The Gen Z Generation

Do you find yourself pondering these questions a lot as a Gen Z? 


“Can I join the real estate sales industry with a high school certificate?”

“Can I build my career without a lot of money to invest?”

“Am I fit to be in the real estate sales industry if I am only 18 years old?”


Let us stop you right there. The answer is YES, FOR SURE!

The Gen Z generation refers to children born in 2000 or later. Although they are considered relatively young, they were born in the Internet era and are deeply influenced by technology products such as instant messaging services, smartphones and tablets.

Age does not hinder a youth’s steps into society but highlights the advantages they have. This is especially true in the sales real estate industry, urging them to rise rapidly to transform into the main force of recruits in the workplace.

Bosco Leong, a millennial real estate agent from IQI, shares six advantages of being a Gen Z in the real estate industry.


1. A Young Face Leaves a Lasting Impression

gen ZWhen working in real estate, you begin to realise that there is only a tiny fraction of agents below 25 years old in today’s real estate industry. So, the younger you are, and the more stylish you dress up, you will likely stand out from the sea of real estate agents.

Even if people forget your name, they will keep you in mind by recalling the rookie who attains this achievement in the field at such a young age.


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2. An Opportunity to Build Good Relations 

As a newcomer to the workplace, most of the Gen Z generation are humble and keen on new experiences. They are open to learning and are willing to admit their inexperience, and as a result, people will not be too defensive against you. They are more inclined to communicate and share their personal experiences.

From a client perspective, young real estate agents are dedicated, enthusiastic, and more than ecstatic to communicate with their clients. 


3. Build Upon Client Trust By Exceptional Service and Referrals

Opportunity marks a turning point in life and is also the starting point for your career. The client understands the importance of opportunity for a rookie who is working in real estate. Therefore, during the negotiation, the client understands your difficulty and is willing to give you a chance.

The client is inclined to believe that you are competent enough to assist them in any aspect of real estate such as purchasing, leasing or investments. In addition to that, everyone around you is experienced, and colleagues are willing to share their expertise and practical experience in this field.


4. Lesser Commitments and More Chance to Learn From Mistakes

A youngster who steps into the workplace can join the real estate industry or even build their own business. On a practical level, most young people in this phase don’t have many burdens. They neither have to pay mortgages nor bear the responsibility as the sole breadwinner of a family. You won’t have to face the massive cost of breaking your family and going bankrupt even if the startup fails.

Working in the real estate industry as a real estate negotiator (REN) has never been a way to make a quick buck. It usually takes six months to a year for a real estate rookie to earn a stable income. With little to zero financial commitments, you can concentrate more on your goal and devote yourself to study and practice without worrying about tedious financial responsibilities such as mortgages, car loans, and family expenses.


5. Social Media and Technology-Savvy 

gen z generation Members of Generation Z grew up almost in line with the formation and rapid development of the internet. The internet and digital products are part of their natural and daily lives, so they naturally learn to navigate various social media platforms and technological products.

The traditional marketing model has gradually fallen behind in 2021, and the market has since evolved into digital marketing. Gen Z’s can quickly expand their business, rapidly increase their exposure through digital marketing, and optimise various network application tools and software to market their services.


6. Daring and indomitable

gen z generationGen Z youths often lack relevant professional knowledge and experience when they first enter the workplace. After knowing their limitations, they are not complacent about their knowledge and experience; On the contrary, they are eager to learn, not ashamed to seek advice from their predecessors, and treat every client seriously.

They strive for progress and breakthrough, hoping to establish their foundation in the new field more quickly and present a more present leadership. A rookie in the area is like a blank paper. You will grow faster in your career if you can learn and gain experience from your work.

Gen Z’s might be the younger group in the workforce, but age shouldn’t be an obstacle that stops you from achieving your goals or building your career. As long as you are well-prepared, courageous, willing to learn and up to take on new challenges, you are ready to follow your dream! 

This article was written by Bosco Leong.

Don’t let age or the words of others limit you! If you want to follow your desires and take your first step to a new career, IQI will be delighted to lead you to progress and growth.

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