5 MIN READ5 Top Interior Design Trends in 2021 to Create the Perfect Home

Spending indoors for close to an entire year has made us aware of the importance of your home’s interior design. While the introduction of the vaccine is a silver lining, travelling as a form of escape is still a work in progress.

So let’s transform our home into a sanctuary. Anyone wouldn’t mind being confined in 2021 –  with the latest trends!

How to Create the Perfect Home?

  1. Embrace the cottagecore theme
  2. Having a home office is a must in 2021
  3. A rise in earthy, grounded palettes
  4. Decorate using natural and organic elements
  5. Transform the balcony to your choosing

1.Embrace the cottagecore theme

Inspired by Taylor’s new album, Instagram and TikTok, this trend inspires homeowners to embrace a rustic interior design with an eco-friendly element as the centrepiece – a sense of cosiness. 

Cottagecore anyone?

Think elegant vintage style barware, gilded cutlery, and statement gold accessories are all ways to get the look whilst staying on budget and the touches of the British quirk.

The cottagecore vibe became viral during the several lockdowns – due to people were isolated and retreated closer to nature, preferring the isolation and quietness of the countryside.

If you wish for a more cosy home to return after a long day, try the following interior designs;

  • use muted, warm palettes
  • comfortable throw pillows to decorate
  • input natural elements such as a framed picture of forest and cottages
  • earthly scented candles 

Keep the look feeling grounded with a cup of tea and a flowy dress or dress-shirt for the gentlemen.


2. Having a home office is a must in 2021

Having a home office will become a key area that most custom-built homeowners will ask for as they would have reached a stage in life that would require them to have access to work at all times.

Home office for 2021Especially since 2020, many have transitioned to working or studying from home, and the trend continues this year.

It was designed as a space to induce thought, focusing on crisp, clear designs and a splash of creative inspiration, be it an artwork or patterned wallpaper. Adding a desk light that collaborates with the surrounding style turns a simple room into your workspace.

Complete with a comfortable chair, yet it needs to be the right level of comfort. If you are a fellow student having their online classes, choose a leather armchair (or faux armchair for affordability) to create a fit in a library setting – acting as a safe-haven to read and reflect.

For those in the working world, choose an upright swivel chair to maximise your efficiency. 


3. A rise in earthy, grounded palettes

As you scroll through Instagram, you will notice a theme of warmer, earthy colours chosen to decorate the house of 2021 – a similar trend to cottagecore, using a warm and balanced neutral shade that “connects us back to the colours of the earth”.

Why a resurgence of these earthy tones is due to a greater need for the home – especially the rooms we spend the most time, such as the bedroom and living room.

Earthy colour palettes evoke a sense of comfort, for example, camel, olive green, rusty shades, browns, and more with a yellow undertone.

As 2021 continues, we want to be warm and cosy, not stark and clinical, especially after all we been through from the previous year—colour palettes for comfort and a feeling of welcome.

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4. Decorate using natural and organic elements

Natural elements have seen rising popularity in interior design ideas, with one of them being rattan pieces.

A decor theme perfect for the Malaysian scene, where we use rattan pieces for almost every occasion – from grocery shopping to having brunch with several girlfriends.

Rattan for days in MalaysiaNo longer just for patio furniture, rattan is taking over as a trendy material for interior home accents.

Besides rattan, other natural element interior items include jute, ceramic, leather, light wood, live indoor plants, and other organic materials.


5. Transform the balcony to your choosing

Instead of using your balcony for a drying rack, why not make it your favourite place to relax to work?

You can create a beautiful and functional mini garden for those who enjoy cooking or create a small arrangement to spend private moments doing your hobbies such as reading, knitting, playing music or enjoy the scenery.

Maybe create a mini greenhouse to induce a feeling of freshness. Not to mention, having flowering plants or green plants adds magical charm.

A garden with a balcony acts as a filter for the stale and polluted air that enters the apartment and promotes fresh air circulation, which benefits a healthy life.

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