3 MIN READ5 steps to think before changing careers during a crisis

The arrival of COVID-19 has put a stop to many opportunities and big decisions such as a change in careers or the workplace.

Yet, do not let these obstacles stop you from moving forward. 

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” E.E. Cummings

Change your perspective, look at angle of seeking a new adventure to explore. To start, here are 5 steps to think before changing careers during a crisis.

1. Pursue a range of possible options

We do not know where we will be in the next five years, especially during a pandemic where every aspect of our lives has been altered drastically – we cannot travel, we cannot have gatherings with love ones, we can’t even enjoy a movie date with a partner.

Instead of crying over spilt milk, take the chance to pursue the possibilities.

You might find good ideas and bad ideas during your journey, putting a damper in your confidence. But keep an open mind and just keep moving forward.


2. Start a few projects here and there

When a career hits a brick wall and you struggle to climb to the top just for a peek of the other side, don’t fall into the frustration trap. Take a deep breath and maybe try to work around it.  

Reinvent your career by developing new skill sets, expand the knowledge and build rapport with the people in your industry and maybe others for a shift in perspective.

While you might ask yourself, “Is this the right path for me?” “Will I regret if I take the path on the left rather than the right one?” “Will I fail?”, look at as a sign of discovering where your true strengths lie.

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3. Rekindle the connections

Building your network during a crisis where social distancing is required is not an ideal start for networking. But with the whole world under quarantine and communicating online, this could be the opportunity to reconnect.

Having a support system of family and friends helps you becoming a better person is great but you might remain in a static position in the working world.

Try talking to your co-workers as they provide new perspectives and honest advice than your loved ones, who would twist the truth to make you happy in the end.


4. Pull up a chair and have a chat

Thinking about a career change may be the answer we seek in becoming a better person. However, it’s important to discuss with people you trust, look through your ideas and ensure you do not regret of leaving a place of comfort for an uncertainty future.


5. Embrace the uncertainty

The choice to change a career has its advantages and disadvantages. By nature, it is a moment of uncertainty especially in a time of crisis. But you have to remember, this may be the chance you need in life to process emotions and changes.

Being in a sense of limbo allows the replenishing of the mind’s attention and motivation and sustain the cognitive processes that allow us to fully develop. 

Lay down and just have a blank mind to start afresh. 

Before you commit anything, sit down with someone you trust and tell your story about what you want to do, why do you want to change, do you need it?

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