4 MIN READ5 Soft Skills Every Real Estate Agent Should Have | Part 2

As a real estate agent, you play the role of ensuring your client’s experience in buying or selling goes as smooth and painless as possible. But is that more than enough?

What other soft skills must an agent have to become a reliable and consistent source of information in the real estate industry?

Do not miss out Part 1 to fully understand every successful real estate agent’s top soft skills. 

1. Where is the fiery passion?

If you wish to become well-known in the industry and have a successful career as a real estate agent, those around you can fee the heat of your passion by seeing what you enjoy doing for a living.

Have the passion for serving people of all walks of life by showing them the best properties within their budget. By respecting your clientele’s diversity who come from all cultures and neighbourhoods, you ensured they are accommodated, satisfied and happy.

Here’s a quick checklist of an agent with passion in their blood;

  • enthusiastic about what they do
  • are presentable
  • take care of their appearance
  • are in this business to help clients accomplish beneficial property investments
  • driving themselves to build their own successful real estate career

You will never see a successful estate agent who is frustrated or bored with their work – no one can. 


2. Uphold your ethics & integrity

Through honesty, you will be an agent known for being the best at their job with integrity to offer evidence of this claim.

Being honest when communicating with your clients will ensure your clientele stays with you for a long period of time – one of the most important characteristics a good real estate agent should have.

Clients are looking for the best returns on their deals and are likely to ask for referrals before they decide to hire an agent.

Your reputation matters and so you should have a good client-base who can provide glowing testimonies of recent successful deals.

Nobody enjoys working with a dishonest agent, unethical and immoral – all this negativity will create a dubious reputation and tarnish your career in a blink of an eye.

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3. Become an expert in a certain type of property

Do you prefer mingling with clients looking for luxury properties or more simple interactions with couples starting a family for bungalows or condo units?

Choosing to focus on certain properties will help you grow your brand as a real estate specialist.

As many agents have a profile on their agencies website, showcase your distinct expertise by;

  • maximize your potential by featuring detailed guides on navigating the buying process for the specific property
  • sharing access to exclusive listings
  • add a link or sign-up field as well where interested buyers can subscribe to your special updates.


4. Become a mentor and share your knowledge

Why stop at helping clients find their perfect home? While you might have left the classroom scene, use the wisdom you have learnt and create a mentorship among your peers.

Create a Facebook page or start a Youtube channel, where you can guide your fellow novice agents on subjects such as;

  • how to build your clientele in the real estate industry
  • how to gain leads through social media platforms
  • how to talk to customers from all walks of like
  • and many more!

What feels odd to a client may be a life-changing experience to a fellow agent, especially if it’s their first time selling or buying.


6. Adapting to modern platforms and technologies

The world of real estate is constantly transforming from open houses to showcase new properties to clients and agents discussing through Zoom on property prices.

The presence of tools and technologies used to navigate the industry is also constantly changing.

To not be left behind, real estate agents of the 21st century must always be ready to adapt to new things, too. Fret not, as changes in tech-based tools are there to make your life as an agent in 2021 much easier.

So while agents may need to invest time and energy to learn how to use something new, that information will benefit them in the long run!


Are you ready to become a successful real estate agent?

Anyone who is persistent, passionate and aware of the real estate dynamics in their community can become a real estate agent.

While you can start by becoming a good real estate agent, strive to the chapters of a successful agent to help become better at serving your clients, and the leader, your fellow agents, go for mentoring. 

Do you possess these skills, or have you ever wondered what it is like being a real estate agent?

Be a part of the global IQI Team to realise your potential now.  

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