4 MIN READ5 Small Improvements That Will Keep Your Property Looking Fresh

The property market is ever changing with new prospects, challenges and options opening up almost every day. In such a vibrant market, it is important that investors stay on top of the game and keep their property value up. Luckily there are a few ways one can do this; in this article we will discuss certain small improvements you can do to your property that will help raise its value.


1. Keep an eye on your Landscape

A little landscaping can go a long way towards raising the value of a property as well as attracting potential buyers; after all everyone loves a beautiful garden. Surrounding your property with shrubs and a few colourful plants will be sure to catch people’s eye. However, make sure you have a definite theme when you are adding plants or else the garden may look disorganised and thus unattractive. A useful tip would be to purchase plants that are native to the region and require less water, this will make looking after the plants easier.

Also make sure to maintain your landscape, clean up the garden, place fresh dirt in your potted plants and keep them well trimmed.


2. Let the light in

Proper lighting will not just brighten up the place so you can see better what is around you, proper lighting can be used to illuminate featured objects in a room. Ambient lighting can be used to achieve a particular mood for specific functions and decorative lighting may be used as a conversational piece of art. Good lighting is achieved with the precise balance of task lighting, ambient lighting and decorative lighting.

Experiment and work out what type of lighting works best for your space; not only will it bring up the property value, it will attract more buyers as well.

Also make sure to clean out your light fixtures regularly, if necessary replace the light bulbs with new ones that are brighter and more energy efficient.


3. A fresh coat of paint

A simple and cost effective improvement for a property is to apply a fresh coat of paint. Freshly painted rooms look clean and new which also increases the value of the overall property. Bear in mind when selecting a paint colour; neutral colours appeal to the largest number of people which in turn makes your property more desirable.


4. Cleanliness is king

First impressions are very important, not just when you are meeting someone for the first time but also when you are showing your property to a prospective buyer. Nothing deters buyers more than an unclean property; no one wishes to live in an unclean home and it conveys the message that you do not care about the property, and by extension, the buyer. A clean house is impressive and helps show how great your property really is. Make the interior of your property shine so that someone wants to buy/rent it as soon as they set foot through the door.


5. Don’t delay on Care and Maintenance

While it seems tempting to simply clean up your property and give it a new face, it is important to address the basics first and foremost. Problems such as leaky pipes, bad wiring, broken windows, broken lights and chipped tilling should be dealt with and repaired as soon as possible. Make sure that your property is in complete working order and ready to be used as though it were going to be occupied that very day; after all you never know when an opportunity might present itself.

The real estate market can be rather competitive and investors will sometimes need to find new ways to keep up their property value and make their property more attractive to prospective buyers. These simple tips can help improve an investor’s chances of selling or renting and help raise the value of an investor’s prospective properties.

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