4 MIN READ5 signs it’s time for you to upgrade to a larger home

Are you feeling stressed and unhappy in your current home? Do you dread going back home to face the mess that is left behind by your kids? If so, then there is a big chance that you have outgrown the house that you’re living in now and this signals it is time for you to upgrade. 

Upgrading to a bigger home can be an essential move for you and your family. Here are 5 signs that it is time to move on to a bigger and better home.

1. Your family is growing

The biggest sign that it’s the right time to upgrade to a bigger home is that your family is slowly growing. Since buying your first home, many aspects of your life could have changed.

You might be married and could be expecting a child soon or perhaps your parents are in poor health and they need someone to look after them so they have to move in. Or you just need a spare room to turn it into a home office or guest bedroom. These are all signs that it is time to sell your home and move on to a bigger and better property.

2. Your home feels cramped and cluttered

Do you feel like fighting over whose turn it is to take a shower, is becoming an everyday occurrence? Are you always stepping on toys or having to pick up after everyone’s mess? Then now is possibly the ideal time to move to a bigger home.

A bigger home makes for more comfortable living and gives everyone the space they deserve. The kids will get a great environment to grow and play and the adults will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet to unwind.

Furthermore, a larger home means more space for storage. With the number of belongings increasing with each new member to the family, the home needs ample space to ensure the house does not feel cluttered.

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3. You have the budget

You might very well be on your way to a job promotion that comes with a huge increase in your salary that will leave you with significantly more room in your budget. With that, you’re probably thinking now is the best time to upgrade your home. If your current financial situation allows you to purchase a bigger home, it can be a good moment to do so because you will eventually want to upsize.

Other than that, there is a high chance that the value of your property has appreciated since your purchase. You could sell the home that you’re currently living in, turn a profit, then take the profit and put in the down payment for your future home.

4. You want to move to a better location

When you first bought your house, you might love the location at the time as it could be close to your family and friends. But as time passes and your family is slowly growing, your neighborhood might not be able to accommodate your hobbies or what you want as a family.

The vicinity to educational institutions, the office or medical centers play an important role in determining whether you should move to shorten the travel time. If moving into another home puts you in a much better location with easier accessibility, it will also help to lessen the stress that comes with long commute times.

5. Major renovations is necessary

The first time you bought your house, you could probably look past the minor issues that come with the house because you were proud to finally have a property that you can call your own. Besides that, the minor issues could be fixed when you have plenty of time or money to do it.

However, after living for a considerate amount of time in your current home, you are bound to find other major issues that will need repairs or even renovations. If you’re living in a home that requires remodeling but it is fairly certain that you won’t be able to get your investment back, it’s time to think about upgrading to another home.

Do any of these situations apply to you? If so, then it may be time to contact a real estate professional and  search for an upgrade from your current home. Our agents can provide advice on which property is the suitable upgrade for you.

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