3 MIN READ5 Safety Items Every Home Should Have

Safety is a critical aspect of our lives. Ever since we were children, our parents have taught us certain basic safety rules like, look both ways before crossing the road, buckle up your seatbelts and remember the emergency telephone numbers. Ask yourself; is your home any different? What kind of safety precautions do you need to take at home? In this article, we will tell you of five safety items you absolutely must keep in your home.


1. Smoke detectors

Every home should ideally have at least one smoke detector on each floor and one outside each sleeping area. They dramatically increase the odds of survival in a fire. Make sure to test your smoke detectors once every month and regularly change the batteries at least once a year.


2. Fire Extinguishers

In an ideal situation, you should stop a fire in its tracks, before it even has a chance to spread. A fire extinguisher is a very important tool when it comes to fire safety. Keep one in your kitchen, your bedroom(s), and in your car. Make sure everyone in your family knows how to operate it. Also, be sure to check on them periodically and replace them if they are expired.


3. First Aid Kit

Accidents happen all the time. It is best to be prepared with a basic first aid kit in case of injuries. You can buy a pre-assembled kit or you can make your own. Make sure that your kit contains the following:

  1. A first aid manual
  2. Plasters (Band Aids), Sterile gauze dressings, an Antiseptic and Antibiotic ointment
  3. Benadryl and antihistamine tablets
  4. Safety pins
  5. Latex gloves
  6. Tweezers and a pair of scissors
  7. alcohol-free cleansing wipes
  8. sticky tape
  9. thermometer
  10. skin rash cream
  11. painkillers
  12. cough medicine
  13. distilled water for cleaning wounds


4. Flashlights

While uncommon, power outages do happen and it is better not to roam around in the dark, should it happen. Make sure you have working flashlights available, preferably one in each bedroom. Be sure to keep an extra supply of batteries as well.


5. Emergency escape plan

If the worst-case scenario does happen and you and your family need to leave the house quickly then having an emergency evacuation plan will help in leaps and bounds. You will not need to think about what to do because you already know it. Make sure that all your family members know and understand it as well. Some of the things you should think about include:

  • How would you get out of the house if you could not get downstairs? Through a window? Is there a ladder?
  • What are the numbers you can call in case of an emergency?
  • Where are the safety items in the house (first aid kit, fire extinguisher, etc.)?

As we said before, safety is an important aspect of our life. No one is going to take care of you and your home except for you. It is up to you to take the proper safety precautions and make sure your family and you are protected and ready for any eventuality.

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