5 Reasons You Should Attend ADAPT in 2021!

ADAPT is an event organised by Juwai IQI, one of Asia’s largest PropTech groups that aim to empower residents of Asia to become residents of the world. ADAPT 2021 marks their second digital and virtual instalment of the event following ADAPT 2020 last year. 

ADAPT 2021 is set to have over 280 speakers and industry leaders present at its digital conference. Topics surrounding Technology, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development and many more are set to be the event’s focus. 

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join Malaysia’s biggest tech e-conference and gain new skills from industry experts! 


If that’s not enough to persuade you, here are five other reasons why you should join ADAPT 2021!

  1. It gives you valuable information about global entrepreneurs, businesses, corporations and investors.
  2. Connect with more than 200+ visionary speakers of 35 different languages from various backgrounds
    and expertise worldwide.
  3. It provides valuable and powerful sharing sessions of how technology is redefining our lives.
  4. The topics discussed and covered during this event inspired younger generations to stretch their comfort zones to adapt to the era of digitisation.
  5. It is known as the World’s Online Tech Conference!


If you come from these backgrounds, you should definitely attend! 

A Great Opportunity to Empower and Upskill Individuals

Due to the massive number of topics covered in this four-day event, there is a significant amount of benefit for individuals from varying backgrounds to attend this event. In addition to that, prominent individuals from all walks of life will be speaking at this event. Be part of something great. Something truly innovative! 

Join us as we disrupt the technological revolution and spread knowledge beyond borders. SIGN UP TODAY! 


Join IQI and be part of a team that constantly challenges the norm. Here, we aim to innovate, inspire and disrupt!

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