5 Qualities That Make up an A+ Team Leader

If you’re looking to grow in your job, then there is a high possibility you may end up being a team leader at some point in your career. As such, it is important for you to know what it truly means to be a leader. There are certain qualities that one must adopt if they wish to be a respected and qualified team leader. 

With that in mind, let’s look into some of the qualities that can improve your qualification as a team leader. 


1) Listen First, Speak Later.

A good leader listens to the opinions of everyone around him, regardless of their experience. This is an important aspect to leadership as it speaks to the character of a person. A leader should treat everyone under them with respect, and take into account all their concerns or insights. 

When making an important decision, a team leader must consult with their teammates before deciding on anything. This way, the morale of the team is secured as their voices are heard. Although it is difficult to make a decision that will satisfy everyone, its important that it’s fair and made with reasonable justification. 


2) Keeping Calm Amid Unexpected Complications

qualities that make up a team leaderIn whatever industry that you’re in, there are bound to be challenges. In the event that you’re faced with something that is beyond your control, it’s important to keep calm and think of an effective solution. 

Problems are inevitable in any working capacity, however a good leader is able to put out the fires without evacuating the entire building. 


3) Be Decisive

Making quick and confident decisions are also important in leadership. As a leader, you have to be ready to implement a decision at a moment’s notice with a firm hand. 

Decisive decisions are the cornerstone of effective plan execution and goals achievement. A leader’s ability in decisive decision making is key as a leader, as it could affect the entirety of a business or his team’s wellbeing. It’s important to consider all the potential instances of what ‘could happen’ before it happens. 

Great leaders make good decisions, and stick to it! 


4) Being Accountable and Learning From Mistakes

qualities that make up a team leaderSometimes, fallouts happen in businesses and life. Be it a mistake or intentional; leaders need to be accountable for their company’s or team’s mishaps. Having the resolve to own up to the errors of everyone who is under you is a challenging but necessary part of being a leader.

This doesn’t just apply to potential disaster situations but in honour of commitments and promises. Sometimes as a leader, people look to you for direction and guidance, and you are urged to make promises be it to stakeholders, customers or even those in your team.

Sometimes not all your promises can be kept, in which case you should learn from it and try to do things differently for a different outcome.


5) Know That It’s Not About You

A good leader should know that it’s not about them. A team leader leads by example and makes decisions for the good of the business and for everyone. 

Why? Simply because a leader serves a higher purpose. They are the captain who steers the ship, and the captain must ensure that the ship doesn’t crash.


Everyone starts somewhere. Take small dedicated steps to reach where you want to be. A career as a property negotiator is a good place to start! 

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