5 Qualities That Make Up A Great Leader

“A good boss is a man who isn’t worried about his own career, but rather the careers of those who work for him.” – H. S. M. Burns 

What do people look for in a great leader? For the most part, a great leader is one who puts their employees before themselves. Rarely is it the case where subordinates remember their bosses’ innate characteristics when describing them, such as attractiveness or intelligence – rather, what makes great leaders memorable and respected are the traits they can control. 

Becoming a great leader may seem out of grasp, but that isn’t always the case. Knowing what qualities make up a good boss and trying to emulate these traits can change everything and improve the quality of working life tenfold. 

These are 5 qualities that make up a great leader: 

1. Empowers their employees 

empowering employees

Great bosses acknowledge and empower their employees’ achievements, big or small. They find every reason to praise their subordinates and celebrate their successes, fulfilling their employees’ need to feel seen and appreciated. Good leaders realize that their employees put in a lot of effort into their work, and say thank you for each contribution they make. 


2. Puts thought into who they hire 

good hire

A great boss doesn’t focus on hiring people with amazing credentials – rather, they keep their team in mind and try to find new hires who can mix well with the dynamic of the existing employees. Though potential candidates with these credentials may look good on paper, what matters more is having someone who can complement the team as a whole, instead of just filling in a certain skills gap. 


3. Communicates with clarity 

clear communication

A great leader does not make things confusing for others – they would communicate their thoughts clearly, leaving no space for miscommunication or guessing. Inversely, some bosses would try to avoid saying anything that will hold them accountable. This leads to even more problems down the road, and a good leader knows not to make this mistake.    


4. Holds themselves accountable 


A huge part of a leader’s job is being accountable for the performance of the entire team. When problems arise, not only do they offer feedback for the team, but they also publicly take the blame on their behalf. They understand that this comes with the job, and they even see the team’s failure as a lack in their leadership, taking the initiative to correct it as they go. 


5. Creates leaders 

creating leaders

A great leader creates leaders. What this means is that they see potential in their employees, and work hard to pull the best out of them. They change their employees for the better, seeing what the employees don’t see within themselves and helping them see it too. They teach and empower their innate strengths, giving them an opportunity to take on new challenges and grow personally and professionally. 


We all remember the great bosses we’ve had in our lives. Being a great leader can not only significantly improve morale, but can also contribute towards better productivity. If you are a leader and your subordinates agree that these traits describe you, then you’re on the right track! 

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