3 MIN READ5 Kitchen Improvements That You Don’t Want To Miss

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, the wear tear proves it. It’s the place hungry teenagers hang out in, the place you cook every meal you eat in the house and one of the places at home that you spend a lot of time in. A good and functioning kitchen is important for you, your family and even guests. So how do you know when all the wear and tear catches up with you and you can’t tell your kitchen from a cluttered mess? What can you do when that happens? In this article we will be addressing exactly that with these 5 kitchen improvements that you don’t want to miss.


1. Not Enough Space

If your counter and storage cupboards are full of appliances, utensils and food, then that is a sign that you need to upgrade your kitchen. You should always have plenty of space to store your kitchen items as well as have enough surfaces to work on. You can do this by some simple remodeling and adding more counter space, adding an extra cupboard or installing a small island in the middle as a workstation.


2. Damage and Wear

Anything that you use every day will experience some wear and tear; you can’t keep your kitchen in a like-new condition forever. Any damage and wear and tear needs to be addressed. Water damage from a leaky faucet or fridge could cause mold to grow on your walls and floor; cracked floors, walls and countertops are rife for breeding bacteria. So make sure to perform proper maintenance and address the problem once you find it. Repair any cracks, check all the water outlets and appliances are watertight, and invest in new ones if you need to.

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3. Out of Date Appliances

Whether they came with the property when you bought it, or you yourself bought them years ago, outdated appliances are usually less attractive and drain more energy than newer models on the market. Some are even safety hazards. If your electric kettle requires you to hold down the button for five minutes before the water starts to boil, then it’s time to replace it. Besides which, newer models not only give your kitchen a new and modern look, they can save you both energy and money.


4. You Can’t Find Anything

This point can tie in with our previous statement of there not being enough space. When your kitchen is filled with clutter, you waste time trying to find everything you need to cook your meal. Where is the seasoning? Where are the plates? Where is the frying pan? Just looking for the things you need, can make you dread cooking a meal.

Invest in a fresh new design and an organizational strategy to help you when you need to cook and enjoy the cooking process. When you have a proper place for everything you will always find it when you need it.


5. You Plan on Selling or Renting

If you plan on selling or renting out your home then upgrading your kitchen is a worthy investment. Home shoppers and tenants are looking for a nice place where they can spend their lives and maybe even raise a family. How many people want to live in a house with an outdated kitchen?
Your kitchen is one of the biggest selling points to your home, which is why even a few small improvements can give your house a real boost in value.

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