3 MIN READTips to reduce stress amid the Covid-19 pandemic

With the pandemic happening, there has been a major downturn in mental health, and a big part of that is due to the fear of job loss. According to a survey, a quarter of Malaysian employees are afraid of losing their jobs because of the pandemic. The number of Malaysians in 2020 so far that lost their jobs has been increasing, and reached a shocking number of 90,000 people!

The sense of uneasiness of workers have due to the situation causes tremendous stress and tension, hence we came up with a few tips to help in reducing it.


Improve and hone your personal skills during the pandemic

For those searching for jobs or are looking to improve one’s skills during the pandemic, online courses are definitely your best option. By strengthening your skills, you can be a stronger asset to your company. Some online courses may even be free! Here you can find 5 free online learning courses to help you improve during a pandemic.



Do less, to do more. We are sometimes hung up on the idea that we must be productive 24/7 to feel good about one self, but bingeing Netflix and snacking is also a way of recharging.



Now is the time, to finally sweat and fulfill your 2013 new year’s resolution! Many people have faced a downturn in their mental health during the pandemic. Therefore, making an effort to feel good like working out consistently every day is important for one’s mental health.

The feeling of accomplishment makes a person feel good, and this can improve your mental health.

If you are the one of the many Malaysians that lost their jobs during this pandemic, maybe it is time for you to think of an alternative. For example, find a secure and rewarding job that will thrive even during the pandemic.

Have you heard of the global real estate company called IQI Global? IQI is a leading global real estate & investment advisory firm with over 15,000 agents worldwide, operating in more than 15 countries.


Why Should You Join IQI?

1. Booming Sales

In just in the first half of 2020, IQI Global made a total of 2.4 Billion sales! Many of the companies have been affected by Covid-19, but the real estate market has been booming, now even more than ever.


2. Free weekly training

An agent’s development is IQI’s upmost priority, so free weekly training are provided to guide and groom the agents to meet the industry standards. The trainings provided are about personal branding, online marketing skills and many more, to equip agents for this digital era of technology. 


3. Flexible timing

A real estate agent does not have fixed working hours. It all depends on you. You can schedule your time as you like, and take charge of your professional and personal life. If you’re looking for a good work-life balance to improve your mental health during the pandemic, this may be a good choice for you.


Take a look at one of their inspiring videos!

Are you interested in venturing into the property market and becoming a real estate agent?

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