3 MIN READ4 Renovations to increase your home value

Everyone dreams of having a nicer home but sometimes you wonder if the investments you took for the home improvements will pay off in the long run. Some home improvements will increase the value to your house, but there are those that do not such as adding a swimming pool. So, before you embark on your home improvement projects, here are 4 renovations that will guarantee a significant increase in the value of your home.

1. Update the kitchen

A kitchen is a place in the home where you’ll probably be spending a lot of your time in. Many families take into account the look and space of the kitchen before finally deciding on a property. You could start simply by adding on a fresh coat of paint or even updating your kitchen cabinets to give the space a new lease of life. By updating your kitchen, it will make your home more valuable to prospective buyers.

Other ideas for modernizing the kitchen are replacing the countertop, changing the backsplash to match the cabinets and countertops, adding a kitchen island as well as replacing outdated cooking appliances. This will make a huge difference to the overall feel and space of the area.

2. Upgrading the bathroom

Aside from your kitchen, also consider improving your bathroom. Bathrooms and kitchens are the two spaces that can boost your home’s value. The bathroom renovations do not have to cost a lot just be mindful that small improvements to make it functional will go a long way. You can begin by renovating the shower stall first, and then move on by installing a new vanity, replacing cabinets and lastly retiling the floor and walls.

If you have the means and budget to update the bathroom, replacing old pipes and adding in a bathtub or a walk-in wardrobe in the en-suite bathroom will definitely give off a luxurious ambience.

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3. Restore the exterior look of the house

First impressions play an important role as it will attract potential buyers to view your property just from the look of the exterior appearance. Based on your home’s curb appeal, buyers will more likely want to view your property rather than an old, outdated and neglected house.

It would be a wise decision to invest in the external appeal of your home as it will be more inviting for potential prospects and increase the value of your home. Improve it by painting the walls with fresh paint, repair the roofing, and perhaps work on the home’s landscaping. Choose a space, it can be the front yard or the backyard that you want to create a sanctuary where your family and friends can relax and unwind in.

4. Reinvent a room or add square footage

Another way to increase the value of your home is to enlarge the square footage of your home through an additional bathroom or even a spare bedroom. However, if adding more square footage may go over your intended budget then it’s advisable to reinvent the existing space in your home to save costs.

Some suggestions to create additional living space is by turning the basement into a second living room or even converting the attic into a game room or a bedroom. This can be a great way to give purpose to an existing space. On top of that, this will broaden your buyer list as more people find bigger homes more appealing.

Take these approaches to improve your home, you are bound to boost the value of your property. However if you still are not sure on how to increase your home’s value, you can leave your contact details so that we can reach out to you. 

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