4 Best Property Management Platforms for RENs!

Property management platforms are software that assist agents and negotiators be more efficient in their workflow. As it’s title suggests, property management platforms serve the primary purpose of ‘managing’ real estate, be it listings, presentations and so on. Now, let’s look into the four BEST property management platforms a negotiator or agent can make use of. 


1. Appfolio 

2. IQI Atlas 

3. Turbo Tenant 

4. Buildium 


1. AppFolio

appfolio logo

Appfolio is an app that is renowned among landlords with large rental portfolios with a lot of AI-powered features. Not only that, AppFolio also upholds various property types, including private properties, commercial buildings, student housing, and community associations. 

Different highlights of the app include features that allow you to sift through leads, tenant screenings, landlord and renters insurance as well as online payments and tenant debt collections. Appfolio is well-received among tenants and landlords because of it’s intuitive design and excellent service. 

Appfolio comes with a free trial for you to test out. If you’re looking to use it permanently, it starts off with a 400$ onboarding fee, with individual costs pertaining to specific properties, such as: 

  • Residential: $1.40/unit/month
  • Commercial: $1.50/unit/month
  • Student Housing: $1.40/unit/month
  • Community Associations: $0.80/unit/month


2. Atlas

atlas logo

IQI Atlas is the ultimate tool for agents. This super app provides a comprehensive overview of all-things a real estate negotiator has to navigate by when at work while also giving them access to local and global project listings. Features of the app include: 

  • Personal and sales team information overview 
  • Team hierarchy viewing
  • Presentation centre for client viewing 
  • IQI Drive 
  • Payment vouchers viewing 
  • IQI Training Academy                       

And many more! IQI Atlas is dedicated in providing an efficient application to ease the process for their registered real estate negotiators. 


3. TurboTenant

turbo tenant logo


Turbo Tenant is an all-in-one, free property management tool that efficiently manages all aspects of property management. Like Appfolio, Turbo Tenant provides a platform for landlords to optimise their properties efficiently. Features include: 

  • Rental Application 
  • Tenant Screening 
  • Lease Agreement 
  • Rent Payments 

Turbo tenant is also 100% FREE for landlords


4. Buildium

buildium logo

Buildium offers an end-to-end property management platform for property managers to facilitate. Like others on this list, Buildium streamlines the entirety of the property management platform, which breaks down to:

  • Accounting 
  • Business Operations 
  • Leasing 

Buildium also provides data migration, a customised training plan and buildium academy for anyone trying out their software for the first time or if they’re moving from a different property management platform. 


Although the best property management platforms are subjective, we’re always team ATLAS! If you’re looking into joining the real estate world as a property negotiator equipped with a tool that helps you manage your team, commissions, clients and many other prospects—join us!

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