4 Benefits of Owning A Smart Home

Now, a lot of appliances are being made ‘smarter’. This means that technology is getting more useful in our everyday lives. In addition to that, there are many reasons people opt for ‘smart’ technologies such as safety and convenience. According to a survey carried out by August Home and Xfinity Home, 63 percent of respondents said family safety was their main motivator for adopting ‘smart’ technology.  

Before we jump in, a Smart Home or Smart Home System is a series of interconnected devices in your household via the internet. Here are 4 benefits of owning one! 


1. Added-Functionality and Customisation 

2. Cost Efficient 

3. Refined Security Measures 

4. Innovative and Convenient 


1. Added-Functionality and Customisation 

smart homesThrough the implementation of smart technologies in homes, numerous added functionalities come with it. One of the more prominent features includes a smart temperature setting option. If you live in an area where are there are various seasons, your smart home can optimise a smart temperature feature where it automatically sets the thermostat to balance out with the current season. Even if you don’t live in a place with changing seasons, this aspect of smart homes permits you full customisation. 

In addition to that, smart homes makes use of voice commands. Need to turn on the TV? Just verbally announce it! Need to turn the stove on? Just announce it. The possibilities are abundant! With just a small detection of your voice, you are able to make your home come to life. 


2. Cost Efficient

In the long run, smart homes can actually help you SAVE money. Several appliances and systems can be automated for better cost efficiency with a smart home implementation, like lighting. Moreover, excessive use of lighting can eventually lead to a pretty hefty electric bill.

If you opt to use smart lighting, it can dim, turn off or change the colour of your light bulbs to prioritise energy-saving, which in turn will lead to you saving your money in the grand scheme of things.


3. Refined Security 

One of the prime reasons to opt for smart homes is security. Home is where the heart is, and it should also be the safest place for you. A home with smart technology can utilise special security measures to make you feel safer at your house. This way, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world; your home protection is ensured.

Also, with this technology—remote monitoring is made possible, giving homeowners the ability to monitor their home through digital cameras and screens that they set up around their home through their smartphones. 


4. Innovative and Convenient 

Finally, a smart home is an innovative development for the future of housing. Furthermore, with so many aspects of our life carried out within the tips of our fingers, from commerce to e-hailing, they enter the fray as one of the newest convenience technology.


Key Differences Between Smart Homes and Normal Homes

Normal Home

Smart Home

Traditional. Every tool and appliance are operated manually.  Modern. Various appliances may be connected to the internet. 
No added-costs other than usual recurring bills (electric, water, etc)  Installation of appliances and tools may be pricey upfront, but may save costs in the long run. 
Relies on traditional locks for home protection and security .  Packed with advanced surveillance system for added security. 
Reliable and comfortable for people of all generations.  More suitable for technologically adept individuals such as Millenials and Gen Z. 


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