3 Effects of PropTech on Real Estate Negotiators and Agents

If you’re reading this being completely unfamilliar with PropTech, we recommend reading our “What is PropTech” article first. Go ahead, we’ll wait. Done? Great! Now let’s jump into three effects of PropTech towards real estate negotiators and agents. 


“New technology is not good or evil in and of itself. It’s about how people choose to use it” 


1. PropTech Still Needs a Negotiator/Agent 

2. PropTech Eases Workload

3. PropTech Inspire Change


1. PropTech Still Need Negotiators to Steer the Ship

real estate negotiators and agentsIf you’re a real estate negotiator, chances are you experience slight fears that PropTech may take away opportunities from you. We’re here to reassure you that is not the case! In fact, PropTech is mainly being developed to assist agents and negotiators work better. The effects of PropTech towards negotiators and agents is one of optimism. 

Fingent reports that real estate agents still hold significance despite the PropTech acceleration. Just because buyers are now more adept in using technology to do their property purchase research, they still need the experienced hand of a real estate agent to guide them. 

After all, nothing beats an experienced agent/negotiator’s knowledge, and they will always be well sought-after! 


2. PropTech Eases The Workload for Agents and Negotiators

When used right, technology can make our lives so much more convenient. When developed right, technology-based tools may allow buyers to be more independent in the purchasing journey, taking off some of the workload from agents and negotiators. 

Be that as it may, most buyers still require the advice and guidance of an experienced agent and negotiator to break down the complicated process of property rent or purchase in simpler terms. 

Aside from client communication, PropTech also allows a more efficient and easier work process for agents and negotiators. Take for example, our Atlas app. 

An app that is specifically developed and designed for agents, IQI Atlas provides an abundant of helpful tools and resources for the modern real estate negotiator. 

These tools include access to a variety of online learning materials that aim to improve a negotiator’s skillset, as well as tabs and functionality to check sales, forms and oversee leads. Here are other six apps and software that can help improve the productivity of a real estate agent agent. 

As the effects of PropTech continue to shine a positive light towards agents and negotiators, it’s looking better for real estate companies to invest and put more value towards PropTech. 


3. PropTech Pushes Agents and Negotiators to Embrace Change

As real estate agents and negotiators, you should continue to focus on being the best version of yourselves. Continue to take on positive competition and embrace change as a conduit to breaking more barriers. 

Smartly use technology, and in this case, PropTech to your advantage. Embrace change with new innovations to provide the absolute best service to buyers. 

Through PropTech, real estate agents and negotiators can utilise technology to get the job done. For example, PropTech allows an agent or negotiator to more clearly interact with their customers, enhance their business and close deals like never before. Finally, the usage of technology enables realtors to be more efficient with managing their workload against a growing client base. 


Come and push the PropTech revolution here at IQI, where we live and breathe technology. Also, you will gain access to our agent super-app Atlas equipped with tools that build trust and inspire change. 

Join us today!

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