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Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin on 12th August 2020 said at the Dewan Rakyat that 24 development projects under PR1MA Corporation Malaysia (PR1MA) have been cancelled.

She said the 24 projects were out of a total of 94 projects, the remaining 70 would continue as planned.

According to the Ampang MP, these projects were cancelled after it was discovered that the lands for the units were not suitable as well as not strategic as they were located far away and there is no market value.

The ministry needs RM342 million to cover various costs and to manage the development of the other PR1MA units, but there is currently RM100 million only.

She further added that the money will now be utilised to pay debt arrears, continue the development of units, revive overhung units and make reparations for parcels of land that were found to be not suitable.

As for the 24 cancelled development projects under PR1MA, the Housing and Local Government Ministry will be paying compensation. The compensation payment will be determined by the value of the land for the area involved.

Zuraida said that most of the land was purchased by the ministry. Only some have made an offer letter at that time, that is, they have done the initial work. If any work has been done, compensation will be given.

The PR1MA project was coordinated under the National Housing Department system, which also comprised of the Malaysian Civil Servants Housing (PPAM) and Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB).

Do not fret as there are 70 projects still in progress. To those who are interested in applying can visit the official PR1MA website, to inquire about the projects that can still be applied.

What exactly is PR1MA?

1Malaysia Housing Programme (PR1MA) is one of the government’s affordable housing programs. PRIMA Malaysia homes are priced between RM100, 000 and RM400, 000, aiming to provide an affordable price point that fits the key focus of middle-income communities.

To learn more about the PR1MA housing plan or any of the other affordable housing plans, you can read our article about the 5 public schemes offering affordable housing in Malaysia.

Source: Free Malaysia Today, The Edge Markets

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