Here's How You Can Plan Your 2023 Long Weekend Holidays!

Here’s How You Can Plan Your 2023 Long Weekend Holidays!

2023 假期

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2022 is coming to an end, and there are only 2 months left until 2023 rolls around. It’s never too early to start planning for next year’s vacations and short trips!

In 2023, there are 16 national public holidays in total, and great news: for 12 out of the 16 holidays, you get to enjoy consecutive weekend holidays off!

Take note of these dates and start planning your vacation now!

(Note: The following are all national public holidays. Do take note of state holidays that apply to you to effectively arrange your long weekend holidays!)

  1. January
  2. February
  3. April
  4. May
  5. June
  6. July
  7. August
  8. September
  9. November
  10. December

January: New Year’s Day & Chinese New Year

January 1, 2023 falls on a Sunday, making Monday the day to make up for the New Year’s holiday. Therefore, starting from December 31, 2022, there will be 3 consecutive days off.

2023 calendar with holidays

The Chinese New Year falls on January 22 and 23 (Sunday and Monday), and the 24th is a supplementary holiday for the 22nd. If you take leave on the 20th, you get to enjoy 5 days of long weekend holidays!

February: Federal Territory Day & Thaipusam

If you’re working in Kuala Lumpur, you can get an even longer vacation, with the Federal Territory Day falling on February 1 and followed by Thaipusam on February 5!

2023 calendar with holidays

As for office workers in other states, you can also take time off on Friday (February 3) to enjoy a four-day weekend off.


April : Nuzul Quran & Hari Raya Aidilfitri

2023 calendar with holidays

Hari Raya Aidilfitri falls on April 22 and 23 (Saturday and Sunday), while the 24th is a compensatory holiday on Sunday. If you take a day off on the 21st, you can enjoy 4 consecutive days of leave. Nuzul Quran is also another public holiday happening in this month, but it lands on a weekend.


May: Labour Day & Wesak Day

2023 calendar with holidays

May 1st Labor Day is on Monday, and Wesak Day falls on May 4th (Thursday). You get to enjoy a week off if you take leave on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th!  


June: Agong’s Birthday & Hari Raya Haji

2023 calendar with holidays

Agong’s birthday falls on June 5 (Monday), while Hari Raya Haji falls on June 29 (Thursday). If you take leave on the 30th (Friday), you can enjoy 4 days of long weekend vacation!


July: Awal Muharram

2023 calendar with holidays

Awal Muharram falls on a Wednesday (July 19). You can choose to take leave on the 17th and 18th (Monday and Tuesday) or on the 20th and 21st (Thursday and Friday) to enjoy a 5-day long weekend!

2023 calendar with holidays


August: National Day

2023 calendar with holidays

Malaysia’s National Day, August 31 is on Thursday, and you only need to take one day off on September 1 (Friday) to enjoy 4 consecutive days off.


September: Prophet Muhammad’s birthday

2023 calendar with holidays

Unfortunately, Malaysia Day on September 16 falls on a Saturday, so there is no Malaysia day holiday this year. But the second public holiday in September, Prophet Muhammad’s birthday is on September 28th (Thursday), so you can take leave on the 29th (Friday) and enjoy 4 consecutive days off.


November: Deepavali

2023 calendar with holidays

November 12 (Sunday) is Deepavali, thus making Monday a public holiday. So, including Saturday, you get 3 consecutive days off.


December: Christmas

2023 calendar with holidays

The final holiday in 2023, Christmas falls on Monday. Including Saturday and Sunday, there are also 3 consecutive days off waiting for you!


2023 假期

After seeing this calendar, are you thinking of planning your vacation to destress and recharge? Like we said, what better time than now to start planning? Now’s the time to start writing up your itineraries and planning your leaves!

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