5 MIN READ10 Steps To Creating a Successful Real Estate Website Launch

Let us imagine the following scenario: You are starting your own Real Estate business and have decided to create a website for it, to help spread the word about your company. The only problem is that even though you have launched your website, no one knows about it and so no one visits it.

The fact of the matter is that there are many steps you need to take before, during and after a website goes live in order to guarantee a successful launch. That is why in this article we will share 10 steps you must take to create a successful real estate website launch which we will divide into three sections, pre-launch, web launch, and post-launch.

So without further delay, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of web launching.


Steps for a Successful Pre-Launch

Choose a domain name

This may take the longest time to choose. Remember this will be the name that will represent your business. It will be a huge part of your brand and it will the name that people will associate with your business on the web. Make sure that your domain name:

  • Is relevant to your brand.
  • It has SEO potential.
  • It is unique.
  • It is short and simple.
  • It hasn’t been taken already.

Select a good provider

There are many providers available out there for your new site. It will be up to you to choose which provider best suits your needs and goals. What kind of template do you want to use? What will the design be like? Do you want to build your website from scratch? Will the website be mobile compatible? You will need to answer all these questions and more when selecting a provider.

Design your site for your target market

An important point to keep in mind is your target market/audience. If you do not keep your audience in mind then you cannot expect a successful launch. Plan out your website layout according to what will most likely attract your target audience. Decide how many pages your site will have, what kind of information it will contain (services, projects, about us, etc.), what kind of pictures you are willing to display, what kind of headers and sub headers you will use, will your website have a blog, will it have links to your social media pages, will there be a sub-menu bar.

Keep in mind not to clutter your website with too many options. Visitors will be less inclined to explore if there is too much to see. If you do want to add more pages, think about how you can organize them in your task bar.


Install analytics and analytical tools into your website coding to track user behavior. You won’t have much data pre-launch; however, setting this tool early will get the process moving and you can also test to see if your website is working the way you want it to once it goes live.

Test your site

Test and retest each of the pages of your website. Be meticulous and make sure each and every button, link, image and graphic is working as it should. Even if you have gone through the website already, there may still be typos, broken links and glitches which you may miss. If possible, have an independent third party test your site and give you feedback.

Configure SEO

Make sure that your website design is optimized to be recognized by search engines. Use a professional SEO analyst and web designer to ensure that the SEO configuration is and remains up to date.


Steps for a Successful Launch

Issue a Press Release

An online press release announcing the launch of your real estate website can reach most business directories, marketing firms and other industry professionals, helping you spread the word about your website and making sure the right people find out about it. An online platform can reach a large audience with the least effort, provided it is planned well.

Share on Social Media and Email

Nowadays everyone uses social media. Use it to help spread the news about your website even further. It will help you reach the growing number of millennial generation real estate buyers. Also, be sure to leave a link to your website on social media and blog page.

Steps for a Post Launch

Post Engaging content

Once you have launched your website and have gained the interest of your audience, you need to start building on that initial success. A good way to keep public interest alive is by adding engaging content. This can mean adding more property listings, more information about the neighborhood and entertaining blog content.

Plan and maintain a schedule

Another thing you need to do once the website has been launched is to create an update schedule. You will need to plan out how often you will update your website with new information and content. If you do not update your website regularly, your audience will quickly lose interest and as a result, they will stop visiting your website. So do not just post engaging content, be regular with it.

So are you ready to publish your website for the world to see? Remember, these steps are simply guidelines or advice on how you can increase your chances of a successful website. You must also use your own good sense to help you move forward, as long as you do that you are sure to have a successful and long living website. So move ahead with confidence.

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