Ease of Access
A major hub which is in close proximity to Mid Valley, Bangsar South and Bandar Malaysia
With residential, office and retail properties for any and all situations.
Value for Money
Modernly designed units at an affordable price


A unique concept development brought to you by a reputable developer. Here the buildings are designed to capture the memories of the original pristine land in this area and give them a solid form.  The old mill building materials were used to create contemporary architectural marvels in a unique way. And as the design uses a wide range of components, the properties available in this development are also mixed, with residential, office and retail properties, making it ready for anyone, for whatever they may wish to do here.

Location: Old Klang Road

Property Type: -

Starting Price: RM 660,000

Evoking memories and capturing the moment

This development is made to be not just a place but a community. It is a place where you can live, work and shop all in one place. It is where families can spend their quality time together, with activities like urban farming which keeps you in touch with nature even as you enjoy modern amenities around you. Enjoy a livelier urban lifestyle that is sure to leave a lasting impression on you.


Strategically located on Old Klang Road, at the fringe of the KL metropolis, it is conveniently built near key hotspots around the city, like Mid Valley, Bangsar South and Bandar Malaysia. Enjoy a wide array of conveniences here, alongside the restaurants, shopping and all round fun in the cosmopolitan Old Klang Road.  

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Project Features

The Motto “Here is where life truly begins,” a sentiment that this development lives up to with their articulately designed living spaces, impeccable office areas and multifunctional retail facilities.  You will be hard pressed to find a more comfortable and relaxed space than Millerz Square. Some of their life stimulating facilities include:

  • Modernly designed and adaptable to own preferences
  • Sky Dining
  • Sky Gym
  • Sky Pool
  • Urban Farming

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