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 A career in real estate allows you touch the lives of people all over the world, to change them and to realise dreams. Join an industry where your rewards are limited only by your imagination.

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Change your life, join IQI today.

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Quick and Painless

You don’t need a degree to be a real estate expert. What you do need is the passion to succeed.

Make a good income

Your income is not limited by the number of hours you work or your level of education.

You are your own boss

Stay in control of your business, your time and make the best decisions for your business.

Help people with the biggest purchases of their lives

As a real estate expert, you’ll help people make some of the most important decisions of their lives. Whether its a couple looking for a dream home for their first child or an experienced investor looking for a great investment, you’ll be sure that everyday you’ve touched a life.

A world class team & training

IQI has a world class team from all over the world. We foster the ethos of sharing knowledge and create a rewarding environment. Couple that with our world class training provided by our experienced management team, financial experts, investment team and Harvard alumni.

Reputable property developers

Our partners are reputable property developers from around the world that recognise our professionalism, deep knowledge and drive to succeed. Our partners are usually listed on their local stock exchange and always deliver on promises – as we do.

Our Successful Team Leaders

Life Changing Experiences

Team Member
From Nothing to Something

“Before working at IQI, I have worked in several different companies in sales department and ran my own business.

After a few months I started to become more interested in properties and investment market. Therefore I started to work as a property expert for a company. Some time later I met the management team at IQI, who shared a vision that IQI wants to share and which I really adored. From that moment I knew that IQI is a very different company and has an unique way of doing things.

Because the property and investment industry was pretty new to me, I had to work really hard to become the successful person that I am right now. Luckily IQI provided me trainings on the property market; how to coach myself and how to approach people. Besides that I also read lots of news articles and published information to educate myself.

TThe hard work paid off, after a few months at IQI, I bought my first new dream car, I went on vacation with the people I care about and even invested in some properties myself. I went ‘’From nothing to something’’.

These days I’m leading a large group of agents which is really a challenge I love to do; helping others to become successful and leading them to their way to financial freedom. I would like to thank IQI management team, for giving me the opportunity to be part of IQI and growing within IQI.

IQI is a unique and different company where personal growth is possible.”

Chen Tse Ping, IQI Property Expert & Agent

Team Member
Realising my Dreams

“After my graduation for my studies Hospitality & Tourism Management in 2005, I started my career as a Chef in one of the Japanese restaurants in 2006 and became a Restaurant Manager in a Western Restaurant in 2009.

In 2010, I quit working in the hospitality industry because I disliked the working hours and I thought the salary that I had was way too low. I was approached by one of my childhood friends who introduced me to the real estate business after I left the hospitality industry.

I joined a real estate agency in Petaling Jaya and was coached by my mentor. During that period, I managed to close a few deals each and every month. Two years later, I was approach by IQI’s management team to be part of their team.

The reason I chose to join IQI is because I felt that IQI was a very different agency compare to others in term of working environment and the people in IQI that do things differently. What changed for me after joining IQI is: MY LIFE.

I never thought my dreams will become reality; getting my dream car and investing in properties in my entire life. After being a part of IQI, I achieved those dreams.
Being successful is not being yourself only. Is working with a team of successful people that we have in IQI.”

Calvin Law, IQI Property Expert & Agent

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